Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts

I have currently seen a lot of posts being thrown out onto social media feeds at the moment about intrusive thoughts and until I read this post on The Breakdown I honestly hadn’t realised that there was a proper term for it let alone that other people could possible suffer it too. It is always a sad relief when others have similar things to you even if it is something a bit crap.

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It’s the final countdown..

The final countdown

Do dudududduhhh – let’s face it you should have automatically started singing the song as you finished writing the title and I have never said I can sound out music in words!! It is that time again you are either hoisting that white flag as my Grandad would say or you are sad about your kids going back to school. I’m actually in between because yes Ra-Ra has been driving me nuts but I know Button will find it really sad that his best friend won’t be here for him to play with. So what did we do in the final full week of the summer holidays?

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