25 Minute Trick

Hello everyone today I wanted to share a trick I have been using to keep me motivated to do not just to do blog stuff but housework or planning things for the family. I have been using this 25 minute trick since maybe November and I have found it really has worked wonders for me when I have been suffering with low mood and a serious lack of motivation; so it is something I feel may help other people in similar situations.

It could be categorised as a hack but as 00Steve moans uncontrollably at that phrase I am going with the term trick. It is also really simple to do but if you really struggle with stopping and starting something I suggest easing yourself into it if you want to try it. The idea behind it is you write a list of things you need to do and allow yourself 25 minutes to do each thing or group of things; after 3 sets of 25 minute blocks you give yourself a break either go and eat, watch TV, ring a friend etc and then go back to it. So my lists generally work out like this:

  • research post
  • write blog post
  • create graphics which I use Canva for.
  • plan posts
  • housework – which I break up into either rooms or tasks
  • knitting or another craft
  • anything for the kids

So no that may not look like a lot for some people and to others may look like they would take a minute or two. Yet for me when my mood is rock bottom which it has been for awhile that can be a tonne of things. Usually I start a timer on my phone and plan my posts be it just a list of what I am going to write and for who this can take awhile if I have writers block. If I have writers block I sometimes look in groups or other social media tags for a topic that sparks my interest and make some notes. When the timer stops you move onto another task, So I often then create my blog graphics even if it is just the feature image and resize the image and put them into relevant folders on my laptop as there is nothing worse when you can’t find anything in a sea of files!

I then break up the time in front of my screen by doing some knitting or sewing and I often find this helps as it isn’t just a bunch of words on a page etc but something tactile. You can see it coming along nicely or hopefully nicely when I’m not swearing at myself for dropping stitches or not paying attention and having to undo my work – which happens far more than I would like to admit.

I then take a break and go eat which I am still struggling with making time for irritatingly, I put an episode of a show I’m watching on or read a chapter or two of a book. I make some nice colourful ticks against any job I have finished. Then I set the timer again and do some more; there is always some housework I can be doing and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the last thing I want to do but breaking it down into tasks like laundry or wash up helps but if it is just a once over having the room listed can help ie bathroom or kitchen.

I also find that limiting it to the 25 instead of 30 minutes really makes me work that bit quicker or more efficiently as I want to get it completed if I can. But on the other hand if I have completed it before the minute is up or whatever I stop the timer and start it again for my new task unless it is part of the main item on my list. Even if you don’t finish an item on the list in your 25 minutes I find as long as it isn’t the same task back to back you are more eager to get it done. The main reason I like this way of thinking who doesn’t like beating the clock and having a little dance party with yourself for achieving something?

Do you have a different way of breaking down your tasks and staying motivated? If so I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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