Why Did I Start My Blog?

I received an email recently about a blog contest and I thought why the heck not! The topic I chose was quite obviously “Why did I start my blog” so here it goes!

I have been writing this blog for a little over two years now and unless you have been here from the start in which case *big waves!* and thank you for sticking it out with me, you might not know what compelled me to start writing in the first place. Writing my blog was more of an online diary with the very first post going live before my surgery to remove my jpouch and form my ileostomy, it was there to help me work through my issues and fear as I struggled to verbalise them. 

It was also so that everyone had access to the same information as each other regarding my recovery and the like; should they choose to want to know. Let’s face it not everyone wanted to know about the fact I now poop into a bag attached to my tummy and that’s fine but I never for one second, thought it would turn into what it is today! I have each and everyone of you that reads, comments on or shares my posts to thank for that, it may still be little but to me it’s the world.

I am thankful that I have carried on writing even after I don’t even notice my stoma, because it is incredibly cathartic and helps when I want to rant or feel something needs to be spoken about. The fact that it has grown with me is pretty amazing as I have also enjoyed raising awareness for other ostomates and having you all on my journey of being pregnant with a stoma and the transition to being a mum of two, as well as talking very openly about my mental health has been really quite nice knowing I have that extra support.

Since I started this I was asked to run the blog for Comfizz and write for SecuriCare, I am a co-host on The IBD and Ostomy Support Show and I help run The Hambleton and Richmondshire Ostomy Support Group which are all things that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have my little space on the world wide web to keep my confidence up and allow me to be me.

You too can enter into this contest that is linked in the first paragraph if you so wish, it isn’t just limited to “why I started my blog”.

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One thought on “Why Did I Start My Blog?

  1. Thanks for writing for the contest. Do remember to fill in the details in the Google Form to participate otherwise I won’t find out. I stumbled upon this post by chance because it appeared once in the referral traffic. 🙂

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