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Do you sometimes wonder how people that have blogs do their graphics? Or do you love people’s social media images? Some people are granted much more creative or have more patience; I on the other hand have neither of those things but I find Canva can be quite forgiving in that respect with preset templates that you can customise to just how you want it!

First things first for the basic “program” it is free, you can buy certain items individually as you need them or upgrade to Pro. I am more than happy using the free side of it for my blog images. You can upload your own images to use within the item you are creating as well which I like it allows you to be able to fully customise your design.

What I like the most is that there are different types/sizes of images to suit your needs for instance if you use a different blogging format you may need a horizontal image rather than a vertical, or you may want to great a square image for a quote for Instagram or a logo, heck even Pinterest or YouTube image.

Canva can be incredibly fiddly when it comes to moving the elements you are adding exactly where you want it to be, but with a little practice you can get the hang of it quite quickly especially when you pay attention to the guidelines! When you start I suggest that you sit and just play with it to get to grips with regards to how you move things around and the different elements you can use like the different types of text and images/borders.

When I sit and do my graphics, I set different templates for each category which I have saved on the main page which I can just click on, edit and then download. It may need resizing and the the site I use is here. I can easily change things around if I need too for instance if my blog title has a different length I can shift the title block up or down if need be. When I get bored with the “branding” I have it takes no time at all to fiddle around and get it the way I want it to be.

I have just downloaded the app on my phone (android) so I can create images on the go which is really handy especially for photo challenges on Instagram that I try to take part in. By using the images from the app means that they look nicer and more professional than the textgram app I have on my phone.

How do you find Canva when it comes to designing your graphics? If you don’t use Canva what do you use for your graphics?

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