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With the upcoming Purple Wings Charity Event I decided it might come in handy having some networking cards at hand so when I meet some awesome people it doesn’t matter if we’re having first world problems like bad signal, no WiFi, low battery, no pen and paper! 00Steve being the smart arse that he is called them “blogness” cards instead of business cards and I thought hey! I like that. 

It has all the ways to connect with me in one place such as my like my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook plus my email. I’m personally very happy with them and their quality. 00Steve originally made me feel like an idiot for wanting to get some, then today when he saw them and I explained the concept of them, he changed his mind and thought it was a good idea. I kept the back blank in case notes needed to be made for whatever reason. I got them from Vistaprint at a reasonable price and they were rather easy to design as well if anyone is wondering.

blogness networking cards

I feel that if I am wanting to engage with new readers, or make connections companies that may want to read their product reviews; it would be a good idea to have something tangible that even if they found it a little while later it would jog their memory and hopefully encourage them to read the blog.

I think this idea works well if you are serious about blogging whether it be to work with companies or if it is just to raise awareness or even advocacy. No matter what your niche is you can always think about it in the future. Hopefully the blogness cards will help me look more professional, that I take my blogging seriously and grow my blog more.

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