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Did you know you can use Pinterest for more than just saving pretty decor, food or hair and make up? Did you know it isn’t a form of social media but actually a search engine? This means it is the perfect tool to be using as a blogger. Read on and I will explain why!

So before this went live I checked my Pinterest blog board to see when the last time I pinned something was and I nearly spat out my drink! It was the middle of May and I had been doing so well up until that point. Now I knew I needed to pin some posts but not that many! OOPS! Especially as I do get a lot of traffic from there I needed to get back on top of things and sharpish!

So why is Pinterest good for bloggers I hear you ask?

Well how many of us sit there on our phones and use it to look for hairstyles or new recipes or activities for the kids? I would have used it to plan my wedding if I wasn’t married before it came out! But did you know that it is a search engine? We don’t just type in “food” we are more specific than that and that what makes it a search engine, as we are searching for things. It also works for any kind of niche too which is pretty darn fantastic.

The key thing here is use your keywords in your pin caption; but not just as words but as phrases that people might search for that make it relevant. If you are SEO savvy the pin caption will come up as the meta description or the “alt text” you have inputted on your images within your post. These three things are key. So always put your keyword in your alt text on your image – which SEO loves by the way! Make sure your meta description makes sense for those pinning directly from your blog. When you pin from your blog creating the first pin that hopefully be repinned use relevant keyword phrases.

How do I use it then?

Well think of it as a virtual pin board because well that’s what it is! Each board you create can be general as the people behind Pinterest have made it so you can be more specific within the board so instead of “pasta” you can have – tomato pasta, vegetable pasta, cheesy pasta, pasta bakes etc. This not only makes things easier to find on your own boards but others can look for more relevant pins from your blog.

Pinning at least 7 times a day keeps you in the feed; these don’t have to be your own pins but others as well. Follow other pinners who pin similar content to you means there is a good chance you will be followed back or they may pin your stuff too. There are absolutely loads of group boards out there that you can request to join or start your own! This increases how many see your pins and again may pin to a board of their own. Also to make pinning posts from your blog or the interweb in general get the little pin it button that sits in your web browser task bar! Oh and make sure you have pinning enabled on your blog!

Canva is also crucial here as you can create the graphics for your posts but can create those long ones that stay on your feed for longer which has a higher chance of someone clicking on it. They are visually appealing to the algorithm but I haven’t started doing that yet. I will eventually but I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment!

You can link it to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Etsy Shop and website which is pretty good that is a new feature for the social side of things. Although as a blogger or a small business you may want to look more professional and not want your personal boards on show. This is easier to do than people often realise and that is by turning your boards to secret. I pin frequently hair and make up ideas but it isn’t anything I write about so I keep it for me. You can prioritise your boards so people *should* see those first. Another thing you can do as a blogger is turn your account from personal to business and you can do that in the settings section.

Hopefully this has helped people understand how Pinterest can be beneficial for them and reaching people they didn’t think they could. Don’t forget to follow my account by clicking here!

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5 thoughts on “Pinterest for Bloggers

  1. Thank you for this post! I struggle with pinterest and Instagram especially…. I’ll keep at it and work on those key and meta words. Thanks for the insight!

  2. I’m really thinking to support my blog with a Pinterest account, but I also don’t have much free time for social media. I’m fine with Instagram and Twitter for now. But Pinterest is on my bucket list. What do you think about Tumblr.

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