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Do you find yourself feeling uninspired when it comes to business cards or do you want something a bit different to stand out from the crowd? Well look no further than Stationery Jack! They are a small business that is there to help with all of your organisation and little add on’s that you may use for a small business but I think that this can easily be crossed over into blogging or if you run groups/social media/or work too much. I was lucky enough that I broached them about the idea for this blog post and they accepted. The items shown in this post are a mix of bought and free as they had a sale on over on Facebook and I couldn’t resist!

I find that when go to events regardless of what niche your blog is in the range of items Stationery Jack provides is going to make a lasting impression! I decided to get:

  • order book for the gutsy bears
  • business planner
  • trolley coins
  • badges and magnets
  • snap and tag cards
  • compliment slips
  • stickers
  • keyrings

Each item can be personalised with your logo and the compliment slips can be pre printed if that applies to you – which can save you valuable time. You can also get some amazing little cards called “scratchy surprise” which are like little personalised scratch cards that can have anything of your choice underneath; these are great for small businesses or if you are holding maybe a charity event and they can be something free to then entice people into buying tickets or items.

I like supporting small or family businesses and Stationery Jack fits nicely into those categories. Their about me on their website made me chuckle this is what it says –

Just a quirky guy trying to put his Graphic Design degree to good use!

It all started when my busy body mum said she needed some bits for her little knitting/crocheting whatever it is business. (I love her stuff really she made me a Llama..)

She told me (exactly) what she wanted and I did some work for her. Now I know all parents are biased but I really enjoyed doing it and turns out I’ve got a bit of a talent…supposedly.

Anyway she told me to stop being a bum, get networking on Facebook and then at least the £700000000000 in student loans I paid for education wouldn’t be for nothing. 

So here I am. I like to talk but am pretty antisocial so I don’t know whats happened there. Stationery Jack was born along with this snazzy (Wix I think it is) website and my excellent blog. I’m probably going to get on your nerves but please join me for the journey.

You can find them via their websiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram

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