Elf and Christmas Jumper Day

Hello and welcome to the eight day of blogmas! Yes this one is backdated thankfully just by a day as it has been pretty hectic and yesterday annoyingly I was in a state of panic for most of the day. But I thought I would share some bits Ra-Ra has done with school in the lead up to the Christmas break… Elf and Christmas jumper days.

So on the Friday it was elf day and all of the kids in her school went dressed up as elves and they had elf school for the day which was arts and crafts mainly and the school elf Buddy came to check on them all. She got to colour in an elf and stick it to lollipop sticks and a photo of her face was added which was cute, they did lots of drawings and wrote letters to the elves according to her. Although if you are a parent you know 9 times out of 10 they barely remember what they have done at school. She was sent home with a large gift tag on ribbon saying “I went to elf school” which was really sweet. We got a photo of all the kids in her class but my child in her infinite wisdom took off her cardigan at home and left it there so she looks a right miserable cow in the photo as she is cold.

Christmas jumper day was a bit of a faff as she didn’t actually have a Christmas jumper left that fit her and I don’t see the point in buying her one as her grandparents often get her one. So she wore a penguin one which I would say is Christmassy enough! She really enjoyed wearing it as it was snuggly. She also reckons she is smiling in this photo but she still looks adorable in my eyes.

Did you schoolkids do anything like dress up as an elf or Christmas jumper day?

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