Ra-Ra’s Nativity

Today I want to be a proud parent and wife for the whole post okay? Well it’s happening regardless and that is because I want to talk to you about Ra-Ra’s first school nativity! Last year in nursery she got to be a shepherd and enjoyed herself but this time whilst doing “Little Red Robin” with all three years in her school she got to sing and dance and be the “glittering star” which to people who hadn’t heard of this rendition of the original nativity (like me and 00Steve) is basically the star of Bethlehem.

The Little Red Robin hears about Mary having a baby but can’t remember the story as he fell over from dancing so much. So he goes on a quest to find out if anyone else remembers. So there is the usual cast of Mary and Joseph, the star (and her entourage plus the silvery moon) the three kings and their camels, the animals in the barn BUT also trees, snowmen and clouds with hailstones!

Now you maybe wondering why I said a proud wife as well as a proud mum and that is because we got some lyrics sent home to learn and Ra-Ra just acts up for me so every night either on its own or with her reading book; 00Steve would pull up glittering stars on YouTube and they would sing it together till they got it perfect, which was unbelievably cute to listen to outside her room.

I got the joy of seeing it twice; now that wasn’t going to be the case as I didn’t really want to go see it without 00Steve but he thought she might be gutted at not being able to see anyone in the crowd. So on the Wednesday afternoon my Mam, my Nanna, Button and I went down to the church hall to get a seat. The school were selling tea towels where the kids draw themselves and calendars in which they also had drawn themselves so it had to be bought hadn’t it? My Mam bought be mine and my Nanna said she still had mine from when I was little. Then Thursday I saw it again with 00Steve, Button, my Mother in Law, my Brother in law and his very pregnant wife (next month my new nephew is born!!) Besides on the Thursday I helped get the kids ready in their costumes and we bought some photos of her and the stars.

my nativity starThe whole school got to take part, year two I believe were the narrators and also played recorder for one part of it and year one and reception were the cast. Considering they were all 4-7 year olds they needed so little prompting and their timings were fantastic. I cried from start to finish and didn’t just take pride in seeing my own little star preform but also with my friends kids and to see how much they had all come along since starting in September. We were also quite lucky as to not having to buy tickets to go and see it whereas at my eldest nephews nativity they had to buy tickets to go and see him preform.

Is your child or the little person in your life in a nativity this year? What are they as I would love to hear about it.

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