Beauty and the Beast Panto

Helllloooo you lovely lot! Are we are ready for the big C? You know when the jolly “fat” man comes down from the North Pole and delivers presents….or coal! Thankfully gift wise I am ready which is impressive for me and they are all wrapped and ready to go. Can’t say the same for my Christmas cards though! I decided to do 12 Days of Blogmas to talk about what I do with my family around the festive season or things that are seasonally related! This post is obviously backdated as Ra-Ra and I went to the panto and it was late finishing then I had her nativity and that is on again tonight so I will write about that too; but without further ado….

I just want to get it out there that I am NOT a fan of panto. Yep there I said it. The only one I remember going to was when I was about 11 and a couple of the forms went to Darlington to see Dick Whitington and the Chuckle Brothers were there. Now I know loads of people loved them but they weren’t my cup of tea and I just remember being the miserable sod who didn’t join in. Now that isn’t helped by I struggle to be silly and in our family dynamic that is 00Steve’s job and he is bloody great at it.

We got a flyer through in Ra-Ra’s book bag and 00Steve decided he would pay for the tickets but I had to get them and take her. Now in all honesty the sheer idea of it made me grumpy and I wasn’t even sure if she would like it but I figured we don’t love far away from the church hall and if she didn’t like it we could just go home. I had persuaded her to go because the local Reverend “Rev Pev” was in it and her school is Church of England so they had a lot to do with Rev Pev or “Redro Pedro” as Ra-Ra calls him.

The panto was done by the local school of dance and music so it was all kids/teens doing it and I have to admit it was pretty good; maybe because it was kids I don’t know but either way I didn’t hate it. I had picked up a couple of bags of pick and mix from Suggits and off we trot. We found our seats and typically the tallest guy possible was sat in front of us so I naughtily moved our seats further out and put her on my knee so we could see better. We were introduced to the show by Pepe and whenever they said “bonjour mon ami” we had to reply “bonjour Pepe”, Ra-Ra needed ever so slightly prompting with this and I have to admit I enjoyed showing off my French accent to a child who knows no better!

When Redro Pedro came out as Mrs Bidet Ra-Ra put her head in her hands and said “Oh Redro Pedro!” but she loved it. When he came out he said “enchanté” and we had to say “enchanté tu”; yes I did take great pleasure in teaching her what the french meant! He had a fantastic french accent too which was good. In the interval we had a choc ice, juice and a biscuit because is it really a show if you don’t have ice cream? Although I usually give it a miss because of the old slight dairy intolerance I have but I will never say no to a choc ice!

The kids did little scenes that were well a kind of interpret dance filled with gymnastics and in the songs the back Redro Pedro and Ra-Raup dancers were doing ballet moves. One little girl who I believe played Cogsworth did cartwheels and Ra-Ra was amazed as she desperately wants to be able to do them; alas something I couldn’t get the hang of even though I was and still am (at times) fairly flexible. They even did a scene with pictures in UV of roses, the Eiffel tower etc which she loved because she turned to me and said “You went to Paris and You called me so I could see that!”. At the end Redro Pedro came past our seats and spotted Ra-Ra and she told him how good he was and she got a hi5, so I asked for a photo which he happily obliged and she was so happy because he had a teapot on his head!

I said 00Steve can take her to next years panto as it would be nice for him to see how she reacts. In fact we have looked into getting her started at going to that very same dance school after Christmas as they do dance -tap/modern/ballet and gymnastics which is everything I can imagine her loving as she does her own version of ballet at home!

Have you been to a panto this year or are you going? What are you seeing or are you like me and aren’t their biggest fan?

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