Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff

The lovely people over at Zimpli Kids sent me some samples of some of their products to try. Gelli Baff “Lava”, “Slime” and “Snowballs”. This is something 00Steve had bought for some of Ra-Ra’s friends for their birthdays recently and we wanted to try it for our own little cherubs so it was perfect timing really.

Ra-Ra and Button LOVE their baths Button especially so I was really looking forward to seeing how they found it! We started with the lava; poor Button at first he proper freaked out as this was a whole new sensation and he was totally expecting a bath! Ra-Ra found it odd at first but soon learnt that she could make it sort of stick together. It did take Button a little while to get used to it but he soon did and enjoyed splashing it about. To get rid of the lava you simply sprinkled on some powder that comes in the pack and mix it around adding water if needed until the lava becomes small enough to safely drain away down the plug hole. I did find that it was a bit more difficult getting the bits off Button when I dried him as he is not a fan of showers if he knows he ca be in the bath but the bits dried and dropped off eventually.

Next up is the slime and Ra-Ra along with one of her cousins is a mega Ghostbusters fan so we told her that Slimer had attacked the bath; saying that 00Steve and I joked that we were glad it wasn’t pink slime or it would wreck our bath (if you have seen Ghostbusters 2 that makes complete sense if you haven’t why on Earth not!) Again Button was displeased his bath was not a normal bath but after a little while longer this time he was happy espesically when he brought his arms out and the slime was oozing from them. Ra-Ra ever the drama queen made out she was freaked out by it but soon learnt she had to barely shift in the bath and both her and Button were both going back and forth in the water. I turned out the light and put my “disco light” in the bath so it was more ghost like and they both quite enjoyed it. Again this was easy to clean up and it drained away with the help of the shower – although 00Steve said his friend did it for his daughter awhile back and didn’t think about that and the slime took forever to drain.

Those were the gelli baff style items and next on the list was the snowballs. Now this one didn’t quite work as I had hoped but none the less the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I asked a couple of my school mum friends if they could come round with their little ones and have a snowball fight. We added LOADS of water to both sachets that came in the box and it didn’t seem to want to stick how I would have imagined it would. HOWEVER all of them enjoyed themselves and I think really that is the main thing. The floor can get very very slippy as I learnt on my kitchen floor and tried to do the splits before landing flat on my bum! Plus one of the twins took a tumble on the patio stones under the trampoline as that is where we put the bowls. They will degrade down with water and I guess you could pick them up if you put in enough water for them to stick!

I think these gelli baff items would be a great stocking filler for kids that are both fun and can be educational – if you have them help with measuring etc and are great for sensory play. In fact so much so that 00Steve got some for our niece and nephews for Christmas so hopefully they enjoy them just as much as we did! Have you tried any of the gelli baff range? If so how did you find it?

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These items were sent for free and all opinions are my own.

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