Autumn where I Live

Today’s blogtober post is all about autumn where I live. Sadly due to work I haven’t been able to get out to the outskirts of my village where the woods are to get what I would have hoped to have been some super photos! But I have muddled on and done the best that I could which is all anyone can really ask for of me or anyone!

So if you didn’t know I live in a little village called Great Ayton which is on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors on the North East coast of England. The whole village is gorgeous with the river Leven meandering through the fields behind some of the houses then it breaks out via a waterfall before making it’s way through the rest of the village and back out into the fields.

We have Roseberry Topping standing tall just behind the village and you can see it for miles and miles; it has some utterly amazing views from the top and is art of several walkways in the area including the Cleveland way. On a clear day you can see the sea!





I get moaned at for taking sneaky photos of 00Steve so I didn’t tell him that he is in the one of the leaves ha ha ha! I have to say I’m proud of how the conker one turned out! Autumn seemed to take its time this month to kick in; yet loads of my friends who live in towns surrounding me have been posting lots of pretty photos of the trees turning colour and I just don’t have the right trees local to me or I’m just blind!

What does autumn look like where you live? If you are in a city how does autumn change to being out in the country?

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