Behind the Scenes at Colitis to Ostomy

So I decided to do this blogtober prompt because if I am honest it felt like it would show a different side to what I do behind the laptop screen. Not that it necessarily will be interesting but I really do put an awful lot of time into my blogs and considering I work part time and have the kids too I don’t have a great deal of free time. Read on to find out what goes on behind the scenes here on my blog.

First things first where does the “magic” happen? Well until I can fork out a small fortune and get 00Steve to build me an insulated office/summer house/guest house (which is going to happen but it is a matter of when!) I sit in my chair in the front room under one of my blankets with my laptop on my knee and that is where I do my research, create graphics and write my posts.

Although I do The IBD and Ostomy Support Show and my YouTube videos upstairs in my bedroom as it is the only place I get any peace! Roll on outside office!!! But then again once we have decorated our bedroom that will be quite nice to sit in; but currently it is still the weird mix the previous tenant had of magnolia walls, green carpet and erd skirting boards – it makes me twitch.

I have a couple of pretty storage boxes that I have some of my photo props or notebooks in plus any physical research for future posts. I have a magazine tidy for loose papers or leaflets and my folder I keep my list of blog goals in. Plus part of my bookshelf has some blogging/writing books on it.

I have folders upon folders on my laptop for each blog or blog category which I do try to keep organised but my download folder is absolutely abysmal since I download from canva then resize the image so I have two of the same image. I feel each month I need to assign a day just to tidy these up.

I spend most of my time writing in notebooks, be it parts of blog posts or just a title, often it is a question that I elaborate on to create a post. My blog dashboard is filled with half finished posts or posts ready to be published when the time is right.

That’s basically what behind the scenes at Colitis to Ostomy is! What goes on behind the scenes at your blog?

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Colitis to Ostomy

  1. I would love an office in the garden. I also sit in the living room to work and it can be difficult to concentrate with family life continuing all around me. They sometimes forget I’m working and keep talk to me which then breaks my concentration. We really must think about making me a dedicated office!

  2. hehehe! I am in the front room with a blanket and my laptop on my knee too. I couldn’t imagine blogging anywhere else but would love somewhere to store all my blogging things like the huge collection of notebooks I have. hehehe

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