What is Blogtober?

So most bloggers taking part in this month long series called Blogtober will have already talked about what on earth this is and why they are doing it. I haven’t up until now as I do if you read my blog regularly try to post certain things on certain days such as Meatless Mondays and Time to Talk Tuesdays, because of those I wanted my blog still keep it’s usual health theme during this month.

So what is blogtober? Well it is a month where bloggers of all niches post everyday in October (blog + October get it? Ha Ha) often about autumn related things and many use a prompt sheet to give them ideas for the posts as it is a very demanding and time consuming thing to do. It is even more so if you write about certain topics rather than being fairly general – not that there is anything wrong with that as blogs in any form are cathartic.

I have decided to try and use some of the prompts but with my spin on them so hopefully they will still be interesting to you my treasured readers. I will be keeping my usual topics which I know I have been a bit lazy with due to work and the summer holidays but I promise I will get back to it!

Now I personally love autumn so there will be some posts on autumn related things too which will vary from local legends to things to do with the kids that don’t take too much of your energy up!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blogtober posts as much as I hope to enjoy writing them! I will link up to other bloggers posts that are similar to mine as we go through the month as we all may find something interesting to read!

Please comment on any of those posts if you find something interesting or just want to say hi! I do love a good comment!

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