Why do I Love Autumn?

Autumn is my favourite season and has been for as long as I can remember, I love love LOVE it! People often say they feel happier in Summer (probably due to that good ole vitamin D) but that isn’t the way with me; I hate bugs, eating outdoors, the sun creating glare when I’m trying to read etc. Yet there is something about autumn that just makes me so happy and chilled out, in this Blogtober post I will tell you why this is!

So here is a little…maybe (!) list of what makes me love autumn:

  • the smell of chimney smoke – sure this is becoming less and less now chimneys aren’t the “in” thing but thankfully there are still a few about
  • nobody looks at me funny for wearing snuggly cardigans (they just give me funny looks because my legs don’t get cold so I often have bare legs!)
  • my favourite colours are green, red and orange so when the leaves turn it just looks like floating jewels fluttering in the air
  • I don’t need to use my blanket as an anxiety coping method I get to just use it because it’s nippy
  • I can make stews, soups, pies and casseroles which are my favourite things to eat, plus they remind me of my mam and grandparents cooking
  • Halloween – I mean come on! Even if you don’t care for the trick or treaters or the spooky side of it, it is an incredibly creative time of year with the pumpkins or the parents/kids who don’t want a store bought outfit (we’ve done both just depends what Ra-Ra wants to be that year- one year she was adamant about being Coraline)
  • for someone who isn’t a fan of the cold (only when it isn’t supposed to be cold) I love the slight nip in the air, the threat of frost that you can smell in the air
  • collecting fir/pine cones, acorns and conkers to make into random arts and crafts
  • the beautiful shapes the branches and twigs of trees make when they have no leaves
  • Bonfire Night is also a favourite of mine! I’m looking forward to teaching Ra-Ra “Remember remember the 5th of November” for any of my foreign readers Bonfire Night is celebrated because Guy Fawkes went into the Houses of Parliament and was part of a conspiracy to blow it up. Some say he was the last honest person to step foot in there! He was caught and burned at the stake, we burn an effigy of him on the 5th of November in remembrance of the people’s hero or as a warning of what would happen if you commit treason; I guess it depends which side of the coin you look at. It is featured in the fantastic film “V for Vendetta”

What about you? Do you like or love autumn? If so or not why?

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