My Perfect Day

So this post in the Blogtober series is all about what my perfect day would look like. We all have one, whether we have experienced it already or just dream about it. Be it sun, sea and sand or snuggled up with a book!

So first of all mine would start with a lovely long lie in where 00Steve hasn’t woken up already and got up or have a migraine. I would be well rested and my bag wouldn’t be fit to burst from ballooning, I would be all warm but not too warm that the blankets have claimed me as their own. We would all get up and there would be no stropping from the kids and we would go to the Velveteen Rabbit for breakfast. We would all be enjoying our food with no rushing and it would be all relaxed and just happy.

Then the sun would be shining and the air just have the slightest chill to it so I could still wear my chunky cardigans but warm enough that nobody (including me) complains it’s cold. We would then go up to Whitby and in the car I would listen to my choice of music with no complaining and walk around the arcades, go up the 199 steps to the abbey. I could get lots of photos without 00Steve grumping. We would walk along the beach looking for shells or rocks for Fattie’s tank (our turtle) we would go on the miniature version of the Endeavour and sail round the bay.

We would then go and have dinner at the Blitz cafe and I would buy the Whitby Jet bee jewellery I have wanted for ages and finally find the god damn Lucky Duck glass shop that I forget about until we are leaving! When we get home the kids would have their tea’s and get ready for bed and I would have a really hot bubble bath and not take my phone so I could read my books. Then I would snuggle up with 00Steve under a blanket – not that he needs to be under the blanket and eat cheesy chips from the takeaway whilst watching crime dramas on TV.

I literally think that would be the perfect day for me because I get to eat lots of nice food and buy pretty things, not to mention taking in the beautiful scenery in Whitby.

What would your perfect day look like?

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