Throwback Thursday!

This blogtober post is a couple of random photo’s I’ve chosen which are known as a throwback and I’m going to tell you a little bit about me at the time so come with me on a trip down memory lane!

All of these photos are taken between August 2009 and November 2009 a little over a year after my jpouch surgery.

This is mine and my Scar Buddeh’s tummies; we met randomly because he started going out out with one of my best friends Pie. He randomly mentioned to me one of our friends had told him we both had had the same surgery both from Ulcerative Colitis. He obviously had the temporary stoma. He was the first person in 11 years that I had met to have UC! Look at my pre ostomy belly with my untouched tattoos. I hated my stomach more than anything and although I still do it is better some days.


This is me and Scar Buddeh, clearly all emo’d up and no doubt we were in the pub which is what any normal 22 year old does right? Well probably not to the extent I did. Every single night except a Sunday I would drink and drink to excess which varied depending on what I was drinking and my company. I was miserable. I got some health back but at what cost? The toilet trips had increased baring in mind with my Ulcerative Colitis I had constipation, but the trips had got shorter. I was in a mutally abusive relationship – that means we were both twats to each other just in different ways, pretty sure 5 months later I got with 00Steve. I just wanted to be happy and healthy and I thought having my jpouch would have done that – it might have done if I had opted to have the temporary stoma so my bowel could heal.

This was me as standard pulling some ridiculous face and striking a pose again I would have been notoriously drunk probably on whiskey. Now I say that because the album this photo is in I’m with le bestie El Husko and his dad Pappa B. Pappa B loved his whiskey and he bought a lot of rounds that night. I literally drank to take the pain, the embarrassment, the anxiety away. Everyone around me said I seemed so much better after my surgery but I never really felt that way. Certain aspects had improved certainly but some things deteriorated.


Just because someone looks happy or has colour (ish) back in their skin doesn’t mean everything is okay, but when you are chronically sick you just get on with it. I hope you found these throwback photos’s either interesting or learnt a little bit about my past.

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