Wish List Wednesday

So keeping in line with some of the Blogtober prompts I decided to do a “Wish List Wednesday”, this won’t have any particular theme but just whatever comes into my head as I write it as they always seem more genuine to me! Have you got a wish list with or without a theme? I would love to hear about it just drop me a message in the comments!

  1. I wish I could stop accidentally making the letter E a capital when it follows a capital letter. Don’t know why it does it but I must hold my finger on shift for longer than necessary but only when the second letter is an E!
  2. I would love to be able to budget my money better which would then enable me to save for things I actually want rather than skimping and getting not as good quality stuff.
  3. I need to do my driving hopefully it is something I can tick off very very soon.
  4. I wish my kitchen and dining room was decorated. Now this ties in with not having much money right now as 00Steve is waaaaaay more than capable with knocking the wall down, plastering, tiling and painting. It’s the biggest room in the house and now Button has what was the guest room the sofa bed is in the dining room. Once the wall has been removed my kitchen table can go up again!
  5. Being better at routine.
  6. That I can become the “Pinterest Mom” you see who consistently asks three simple questions to everyone in the house about their day like, what have they learnt, what was the best part and the worst. To encourage recall and get to know my family better. However I generally work lates so that won’t be a regular thing!
  7. I want to be able to recognise myself when I have done something that was hard work or that I am good at stuff. It is all good and well other people saying that stuff but I NEED to believe it myself, for myself.
  8. That I will one day in the future love my body for what it is and all it has overcome.
  9. A bloody nice long holiday somewhere warm, or has the aspect of warm so even skiing/Santa’s workshop with sitting by an open fire under a blanket with a hot chocolate! Although is it too much too ask that there is something interesting close by I can feed my brain with new knowledge?
  10. That autumn isn’t too wet as I freaking love going out in autumn!! The smells, the colours, the crispness in the air just makes me so happy.

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