Halloumi and Chickpea Taco’s

Halloumi and Chickpea Taco

So today marks the start of vegetarian week and what better way to start trying to get back into my Meatless Monday’s posts than today! This recipe is one I really enjoy and makes a nice change to meat taco’s. Besides who doesn’t enjoy a good taco? You can add more veggies or swap out the toppings for whatever you like. To make more than a 2 person serving just double up the ingredients! Plus this recipe we make our own taco spice mix which you may be surprised about what you actually have in your cupoard already.

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Yorkshire Pudding Day!

Yorkshire Pudding Day

So today I was scrolling through social media like it was the morning newspaper and saw a post about it being Yorkshire Pudding Day and looked it up and yes yes it is! So I pointed it out to 00Steve decided he would have them along with his lasagne and chips (yes he actually did eat them alongside his lasagne however this is the man who has eaten spag bol inside a giant Yorkshire pudding!) I thought in the spirit of the amazing delicacy from my home county I would share my recipe that so far has always come out well but a little bit of attention is needed. Read more

Courgette in a Cake?

Courgette in a Cake

This may not be anything new to some of you but to others the thought of a vegetable that isn’t carrot in a cake may seem completely barmy! It is something I have seen dotted about in independent coffee shops for awhile now and always wanted to try it but didn’t really have the guts. But chatting to my friend who works at the Rabbit I overcame that and made one for a coffee and cake break at mine (only I had coffee practically everyone else had a brew) Read more

Pizza Toast

Now this isn’t strictly festive but for me with running around after the kids, going to work and trying to do a million other things I often struggle to think of something quick, easy but not junk food for the kids to eat – well not just the kids but us as well! So let me introduce you to something my Dad used to make when I was a kid! Pizza toast! Read more

Chickpea Stew

Chickpea Stew - Meatless Monday

This weeks meatless Monday is one of my favourite comfort food’s when the weather gets cooler. This chickpea recipe is something I have been eating since just after Ra-Ra was born and I needed something quick and easy but substantial too. You can add chorizo and/or spring greens if you like or can tolerate but I have found it is perfectly fine without! It has little fat content before toppings so is good for a filling meal when you maybe watching your weight. This can be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or with meat but all which ways it really is a delightful party in your mush! Read more

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Meatless Mondays

I am addicted to overnight oats and the sheer amount of different variants you can do with them! They were a staple when I was losing weight a few years ago for my breakfast before I went running and now I take them to work with me when I am on early shift. They take minimal preparation and then you just put them in the fridge overnight – what is even better is you can make them up in advance for a few days worth of breakfasts!

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Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie - Meatless Mondays

Yes you can have a vegetarian cottage pie and it is pretty tasty! I even had Rachel test it out on meat loving BagDaddy Steve! He said it wasn’t the same as meat but was nice all the same, and coming from him that meant a lot! We use lentils in place of the mince which gives it the same sort of mouth feel as mince and whether I do it as mince or lentils there is a good whack of veggies in there too. For instance 00Steve’s youngest brother is the pickiest eater I have ever fed (bar those with allergies but they can’t help that) but because I grate the veggies in he couldn’t just pick it out and he ate the lot, on more than one occasion! Read more