Hello Awestomy

hello awestomy

I’m now part of the Awestomy club (I would love to say I came up with that myself but I didn’t I found it on pinterest) and I already feel better for it. When I woke up in recovery I remember asking the staff to bleep my dad because he would either be with or get hold of 00Steve I just wanted a hug at this point. Read more

Today Is The Day

today is the day i get my ostomy

I have been awake since 4 am 00Steve was making stupid noises and I just couldn’t get back to sleep fully, part of me thinks I could be worried about getting my ileostomy. So when 6 am rolled round I was not ready to get up and take the morning dose of maxijule. I made coffee for 00Steve and got Ra-Ra up and dressed and we set off to go to my brother and sister in laws. I made a pit stop to give my sisters husband his birthday cards and get spuddle cuddles (eldest nephew) Ra-Ra was a bit unsure of staying at Ted and Sam’s but not because of them, but she had a bad night and knew I was going into hospital today.  Read more

Courage, Dear Heart

courage dear heart


This is something my Boo posted on Facebook and I felt it was quite apt for this week. Be prepared for a longish post! I have just finished my last shift at work for the next 12 weeks as my pre-assesment is tomorrow and my surgery all going well is on Thursday and I’m blooming knackered. Read more