Accidental VS Planned Overdose – Are You Treat Differently?

Accidental VS Planned Overdose are you treat differently

Some of you may have noticed I have been quiet on the blog recently and that is because I have been fighting with incredibly low mental health for awhile now and that contributed to making what will be the biggest mistake of my life and nearly tore my whole world apart. In reality I have no one else to blame but myself.

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What Have I Learnt from Cleaning?

What Have I Learnt from Cleaning

As you may or may not remember I did a post a couple of months back where I talked about 00Steve’s mental health and how it is linked with how tidy the house is and I thought it might be an idea to talk about whether it actually made an impact and what if anything have I learnt  from cleaning the house more regularly. Read more

Christmas Parties

Christmas Party

I am not the biggest lover of socialising at Christmas and to be fair not really in general this year. However since Ra-Ra started school I have actually made some friends in the village that don’t just want to go to the pub all the time. Don’t get me wrong we have still had the odd night that revolves around alcohol but it has mainly coffee mornings. We have had a pottery painting night, gin and cheese night and we also had a mum’s Christmas party. Read more

Mooncup – Menstrual Cup

Mooncup - Menstrual Cup

I have been trialling the Mooncup for three months as recommended by Mooncup themselves to fully be able to appreciate the product. Now some of this has got to be with not having to run to the shops to buy sanitary products but also the money you will save oh and the planet since you aren’t dumping more waste into landfills. Read more

Operation Live – Bowel Surgery

Operation Live - Bowel Surgery

Now it should be pretty obvious to any newcomer that I have had bowel surgery but not once but twice. I don’t actually watch much TV unless it is crime drama or true crime (Making a Murderer anyone?) I saw a lot of people talk about Operation Live and it being about bowel surgery. So the next day I went hunting on catch up for it as I was intrigued – especially since I have had my bowel operated on; although I firstly had a pan procolectomy to remove my large bowel and have a Jpouch formed out of my small bowel, then 8 years later I have the Jpouch removed and a permanent ileostomy formed. So as I watched it as any old school swot would do I wrote notes! This post is essentially those annotations fleshed out (I know I am hanging my head in shame too) to make a bit more sense of my reactions and thoughts. Read more

The Other Side of Ostomies…

The Other Side of Ostomies

… from a health care professionals point of view!

So as some of you may know I recently did some training at work on stoma competency, which basically was to ensure I could change ostomy appliances on other people. I work in an extra care and support setting and may come across people with ostomies and if they need assistance with this we are to be trained in doing so. Now it may seem silly that I had to do this training but in reality it isn’t. Read more

It’s Not Just my Mental Health That’s Important

Cleaning for 00Steve's Mental Health

Yep you read that title right; it isn’t just my mental health that is important. You may have read about me talking about self care but although we deserve to be important and have our needs met sometimes we over look those around us. More than likely unintentionally not realising some needs are more important than others with those closest to us.

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