Summer Holidays 1/3 Done!!

Surviving the summer holidays

Yes that’s right we have come out the other side one third of the holidays under our belts. Now don’t get me wrong our babies are only little for such a short space of time but when you are chronically ill or battling mental health issues it can be so daunting. It was scary for me because of both of those reasons but this is my first summer holidays to contend with as Ra-Ra hadn’t started school till last year so having two kids at home for me was normal, but now I want to do things she will get things out of.

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Surviving the Summer Holidays one week at a time!

Surviving the Summer Holidays

So we have had the first week of the summer holidays over and done with and this one was the easy week where 00Steve and family have been around to help out or make days out easier. I figured each week I would write about what we have done and hopefully give you some ideas. Even if you aren’t in the same area as me it may give you inspiration for local areas you have.

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