Don’t Get Caught Short This Christmas!

The Christmas season generally is a time where people are stressed and rushed off their feet but don’t let your stock of ostomy products be the last thing on your mind! 

The ostomy suppliers and delivery companies close down for the festive period and to help I have messaged each of the main companies and found out when their last date for ordering your supplies are:

  • Securicare – 8th December
  • Charter – 8th December
  • Respond – are only closed the bank holidays so your deliveries won’t be affected
  • Bullen Healthcare – 14th December if medication and supplies or 18th December if just supplies

Please be mindful that over Christmas you may need extra supplies; but there is no need to go overboard as it is only 2 weeks. As a general rule I would say one extra box as a safety net but you know your own body and we are after all individual. However I am sure that if you have two ostomies you obviously have more to think about! But being vigilant with your stock knowing how many supplies you have, is always a good habit to be in as I outlined in the over ordering post as I was shocked at myself!

I personally am looking forward to my second Christmas with an ostomy if you want to know how that went you can find it here! It is the travelling down to Cornwall just after Boxing Day that will be fun and games! But making sure I have enough stock in of my stoma supplies will be the least of my worries! If this is your first Christmas with an ostomy there is no need to worry but just be mindful of having supplies on you in case of leaks or impromptu overnight stays oh and chew your food!

Have you got a plan in place for how you will see through the festive season? Or have you any tips on “surviving” the season? Please let me know in the comments.

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