The Creepshow – Giggin’ With An Ostomy

So a couple of weeks ago I went to see one of my favourite bands The Creepshow, no whilst it may not be my first gig with my ileostomy Tiger Army holds that title it was the first one where I really couldn’t keep my feet still!

the creepshow

It isn’t my first time seeing them either but I swear they just keep getting better and better. I first saw them back in York 2012 when Kenda had just started with the band and it was her first UK tour, I got “The Garden” and a couple of other songs dedicated to me which was so cool. The band are very social and chat to anyone which you don’t get much anymore, but that’s how I ended up with songs dedicated to me. I also have Kenda’s flight ticket signed by the band from that gig as the security guards stole back the towel they were signing for me (which I was given after I bawled my eyes out to The Garden)

sean and chuck

This time it was in Leeds which isn’t too far from me but I haven’t stayed anywhere after a gig without people I know with me so I guess from that perspective I was fairly apprehensive. But I checked in to my hotel then set off to the venue (I had to run back to get my ticket and ID yes seriously!) I found a father and son at a table and chatted about music and tattoos till I saw Sean who plays the stand up bass, he came over and we chatted a bit about life which was cool. He introduced me to Chuck (guitar) who I spent most of the time they weren’t on stage chatting to, for instance he was telling me about his friend that has a colostomy and looking at random pics on insta.


I wandered inside to get a pint (raspberry beer) and spotted Kenda the lead singer of The Creepshow on the merch stand; I was a bit nervous because I obviously remembered her but would she remember me? I kinda just ambled over and blurted out that I still had her flight ticket they signed back in ’12, you could see she was thinking about it then the realisation on her face was awesome – just this big beaming smile and the obligatory “whoa, no way, its been how long?” I got my first hug of the night and it was so cool being in my fangirl element. I got a t-shirt of the ship out of the “Take My Hand” video and a couple of pin badges, Ra-Ra had to have one for her matching leather jacket!

rev mcginty

There were two support bands before Creepshow went on stage the first were an all girl punk band Maid Of Ace and the second were a two piece (I think they were married) called Snakerattlers. Once they had all finished I made my way to the front so I could get the best view and space to just move like a twat basically me on a daily basis attempting to dance!

kenda and sean

Once again they just blew my mind, they honestly just kick out some energy and you can’t help but lose yourself in the music. At one point Kenda came into the crowd when the guys played “Hellbound” which was awesome; however we didn’t start a pit this time (oh yeah I started a pit with her last time) Oh and not to mention my favourite song from the last album “Devils Son” was dedicated to me *excited squeal and happy dance* seriously effin’ love that song go check it out!

After the show I asked Sean for the set list so I could have it signed, ‘cos ya know fangirl ha ha. Then I got to chat to the band and the few wicked randomers I met outside. I had a really cute girly chat with Kenda, became in awe of Chuck, met Sandro properly, talked about the “C” word with Rev and gossiped with Sean. Honestly I haven’t felt that comfortable around bands since my ex was still in a band and my hometown had band nights.

So let’s talk real quick about the pre and post gig stoma precautions I have;

  • wear support wear! I wore my Comfizz vest
  • take or use something to slow down your output
  • some people advise not to drink ciders/beer but I had beer then again I live on fizzy pop
  • eat good lord eat! I didn’t eat all day till I got to Leeds and regretted that!
  • if you are worried about your bag add extenders
  • ensure you have spares either with you or at your hotel (I was incredibly thankful of that at 4 am!)
  • drink plenty of fluids that aren’t alcohol
  • enjoy your damn self! Your stoma does not need to hold you back!

Can’t wait for the next gig guys! In fact all of you should go see The Creepshow!

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