Human Is Beautiful…Perfect Is Boring

Like most young girls I dreamed of being a model when I grew up, but becoming chronically ill and being definitely awkward looking (not to mention steroid moon face) I soon realised that I wasn’t what society deemed as beautiful. Not that I was ugly really not in reality. Since meeting Jasmine back in 2016 I have wanted to model for her company but I was never going to be at the forefront of her mind when her brand exudes glamour and silver screen elegance – as I am a very proud punk rock princess! I however got to experience modelling for her recently and it didn’t matter about my tattoos as I got to be all decked out for Halloween!

me and my babies

I think what made the experience for me was being able to bring my children along and let Ra-Ra have the seed instilled early of you don’t have to look a certain way to fit in and be beautiful. I also think that’s what I love about Jasmine Stacey Collection’s photos for the most part the models are mixed between having ostomies and not, different shapes, sizes and skin colour.

I have to admit I was very nervous about modelling even if it was just for a Halloween shoot; because Lydia is just stunning and Sarah I had never met before also is gorgeous. I needn’t have felt self conscious though because we all have our insecurities and built each other up.

I got to see the samples for the new lines and I have to say I am really excited about them and I know you all will be too! But unfortunately Jasmine Stacey Collection is at make or break right now and the new collections won’t go ahead into production if we as the customers don’t do something about it! There is a crowdfunder that is currently live with different rewards for pledging different amounts. So you could pledge money and pre order the bra/briefs or the full set, even the full set and a day of hair, make up, being styled by Jasmine and having your photos taken by the extremely talented Daniaal Khalid of Dan K Photography and having two digital photos to take away (with the option of buying more from Dan the man himself)

So back to the Halloween photo shoot, we stayed in Richmond, London in the gatehouse to Ham House. The house was filled with loads of cool props we were able to use! The girls modelled the new lines outside and Ra-Ra tried to help Jasmine throw leaves into the air for the photos (she although tall for her age was still just too little ha ha) Jasmine did my make up and I just let her get on with it as we both share a love of horror and gore! As the light started to wane it was perfect for my shots upstairs. I wore the Goliath set, Ravine bodysuit and the red version of the Black Widow.

I have said many many times before about how I often feel like Bambi trying to walk when being sexy; well this time I actually didn’t feel like that, I felt confident and sexy (which when around others that aren’t 00Steve doesn’t happen often) I have to say I found it quite difficult to work out which shots to include in this post because I genuinely loved them all!

If the company doesn’t go ahead it will be an absolute shame because then others won’t be able to experience how empowering being able to stand there and looking amazing in beautifully handcrafted lingerie like I did and I fully believe that everyone should feel like that at least once.

Don’t just take my word for it here are what people who have worked with and for JSC have said about the brand:

Lydia – modelling before having an ostomy was always quite difficult because I was so poorly when I was signed. So from quitting and coming back to it a year later and being able to see myself looking healthier, and for Dan to be able to capture the courage and strength I have gained since having surgery is super special. Also doing it with a stoma is pretty liberating. Modelling for Jasmine has made me feel so much more comfortable with Trixie and helped my confidence no end.

Jess – when Jasmine asked if I fancied doing some modelling for Jasmine Stacey Collection last year I was totally over the moon. It was unexpected and very last minute so I was really excited. She needed someone with a stoma to model for a photo shoot for her Christmas promotion and I was more than happy to help. Before the shoot I’d never tried any of her lingerie on, I’d admired the uploads I’d seen others post and been on her website numerous times though. So to be actually wearing some for the first time and seeing how beautiful they are in person was awesome! I’m quite a body positive person as it is anyway, but being part of the shoot and modelling for Jasmine made me love myself that extra bit more and for that experience I can never thank her enough! I couldn’t be more grateful for my ileostomy as that’s what saved my life. Seeing how amazing; me, my stoma and my scars all looked in these photos and whilst I was wearing the JSC underwear sets was so overwhelming to see. Jasmine is honestly one of the most lovely people you could ever meet, she looked after me whilst I stayed in London with her and it felt like we’d been friends for years. Since the shoot I’ve purchased some of her sets and they are now my go to’s, especially when you want to wear something that’s that extra bit more classy yet sexy at the same time; they are beautiful and the attention to detail is flawless but not only do they look good they make you feel amazing! I would highly recommend that every one of my female friends own a set from the Jasmine Stacey Collection because I can guarantee that you would not be left feeling disappointed.

Sarah – modelling is something I’ve never been into or something I ever considered myself to do, let alone get the opportunity to do it for Jasmine. Watching other girls with ostomies blossom in front of the camera was amazing. Dan is such a talented photographer and genuinely great person and I had no doubts that as a team of Jasmine, him and proud ostomates, the outcome would be special. Through the course of being sick and having so much steroids it has made it extremely difficult for me to love the shape of my body. I found accepting my bag onto that extremely hard, but having the opportunity to meet other girls that have all gone through body issues too made me feel like I really wasn’t alone in anything I face or I feel. The strength and courage of being around other people with stoma’s inspired me so much and made me accept that having a stoma is perfectly okay. And looking at the other girls looking confident and glowing, gave me faith that I don’t look as bad as I sometimes feel I do. I can proudly say that everyone involved in the shoot are some of the best humans I’ve ever met, and will always be extremely amazing people to me. Jasmine’s brand is extremely special and extremely special to those that feel that they are somehow less attractive or less confident because of their stoma and I think Jasmine gives myself, and other ostomates a light on what can be a dark situation and hope.

Daniaal – having been a photographer for a few years at this point, and going down the path of the fashion industry, it has been an interesting ride to say the least. I’ve gotten to a point in my career where I’m always stuck looking for more..(so cliche) Meeting Jasmine, although it hasn’t answered my questions has left a massive impression on me. I’ve learnt a lot in my time working for her from being aware of however big or small we may be; we have a voice and we need to use it, to better ourselves and the others around us. She is doing amazing things for everyone in general, herself and for people who have ostomies. Which I didn’t know existed until I met her and Lydia on our first shoot together. Seeing people connect and grow as a team, knowing full well that most of us struggle with the daily demons, is a beautiful thing. Knowing that my photographs can raise awareness; bring people confidence, bring communities together is a big deal for me and makes me question the type of work I want to be conducting in the future. One of my highlights was receiving a message from Lydia, which her mum had sent her. She wrote of how pleased she was after our initial shoot “All those dark despairing days and the battle to win your life back.. I see it all in those photographs”. This really broke it all down for me that there is so much bore, and that is why I believe in JSC as a brand.

The closing statement is from Jasmine herself about what the brand means to her and why she does what she does:

Jasmine – Jasmine Stacey Collection means so much to me as my aim was not to only help others but aid my own journey in acceptance of my ostomy. I cannot believe that I have been able to create a company which helps so many and almost sets a standard for diversity in fashion. There is such a stigma and each and every time I get an email, message, photo or feedback the aim of JSC is reaffirmed tenfold – that women and men regardless of their scars, ostomies and individual body hang ups are all worthy.

So please head on over to the crowdfunder page and pledge something over the next 4 weeks to keep this amazing, innovative and caring brand alive; because when it comes to Jasmine Stacey Collection it isn’t a faceless money making brand.

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  1. What an amazing thing to do and what an incredible brand to give women confidence.
    My Grandma had colitis and a stoma and although she was much older when it happened, I’m sure she would have been very impressed but these products and your confidence. I know I am!

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