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So I haven’t been my usual self recently due to being riddled with anxiety and becoming anti social, I would like to laugh and say more anti social but it isn’t like that I panic when people come and 00Steve isn’t there. Natalie from The Spoonie Mummy has had it a bit rough lately too and I just wanted her to have some time away from everything. Her boyfriend lives not too far from Leeds and I thought 45 minutes on the train is nothing for me so I suggested a night away.

Thankfully she didn’t turn me down for whatever reason which is something I also usually overthink! I booked a hotel and suggested we go see a musical. I LOVE musicals (bet you didn’t see that coming!!) and Dreamboats and Petticoats was showing; in fact I think it was the last show in Leeds on the tour. Again I was so happy when Natalie that she would love to see a show, so I booked the tickets straight away!

The day came for our spoonie night away and I was both excited and nervous, which is a bit daft as I talk to Natalie every single day! Let alone co host The IBD and Ostomy Support Show with her and have been doing that for 4 months now (which is mental! Thank you to all our viewers) But I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with her.

It was my first time staying somewhere with another ostomate and it was really nice just to not have any worry or concern about someones opinion of my stoma. For instance it took me a long time to not tuck my bag into my pj bottoms around 00Steve yet I could have it out and proud in my underwear – go figure! But it was so nice to just feel instantly at ease with someone.

After getting ready we headed into Leeds for food and cocktails at Las Iguanas; when we got there we were asked if either of us wanted a vegetarian menu. Natalie looked at me and I laughed and said that “just because I prefer veggie food doesn’t mean I won’t eat meat!” What did I do? Yep that’s right I ordered a veggie meal!! Beetroot and Halloumi tacos yum! I had two watermelon margaritas (2 for 1) which were amazing! Natalie flew the flag for ostomates eating mushrooms and had garlicky mushroom quesadillas and a gin and tonic.


The next bit of the spoonie night out was Dreamboats and Petticoats which I was so excited about! I adore 60’s music and especially Del Shannon so when they sung “Little Town Flirt”, “Hats Off To Larry”, “Runaround Sue” and “Runaway” I was in my element dancing and singing away. Natalie also likes musicals and she said all the songs reminded her of her grandparents. The show had an actual live band and the guys really did the dance moves associated with the 60’s on point; so think of Elvis’ hips and legs! I also loved all the Shadows and Roy Orbison references especially with the lads on guitar doing the signature moves.

When we got back to the hotel we had another drink taboo and coke for me (yes coke not lemonade) and Natalie had another gin and tonic. We went back to the room and set the worlds to rights and played with the bubble face-mask I was bought. It was 1 am before we both decided to hit the hay and I am not ashamed to say but I hugged one of the pillows as I am so used to having Jacob laid next to me!

I woke up around 7 or so for a toilet trip and luckily fell back to sleep even though I had a stonking headache that I had before we went to sleep. To only be rudely awoken to a leak of the two piece I was trying probably due to pancaking, my skin was so sore! I just showed Natalie my skin, stoma and all without a seconds hesitation which I have never done to someone who isn’t a medical professional so that shows how truly comfortable she made me. Be sure to read my bag roulette review this week! But it was time to get up for breakfast anyway! Which was amazing it had a proper English breakfast spread and your usual continental buffet, I was super impressed and it all tasted delicious!

I was really sad when I had to leave Natalie and go home even though I obviously wanted to see my babies and 00Steve. But I know that with her I truly have a friend for life and can say hand on heart that she is as lovely, caring and genuine as she comes across on the show, in the groups and on her blog in real life. I have made some amazing memories with out spoonie night out and I’m so glad they were with her!

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