Say Hello to my Purple Little Friend!

I was informed of this very clever little endeavour to raise awareness for ostomies by my beautiful friend Natalie from The Spoonie Mummy. Eakin offered 25 little purple ducks to people who wanted to help raise awareness in a very child friendly and fun way! I was lucky enough to receive a duck!

eakin duckDo you remember back in the day (yes I am old enough to say that or “back in t’day”) in primary school we often did a balloon race with a little note for people to reply to the school to say where the balloon ended up? Well this is very similar but along with who gets the furthest, they are wanting to see who gets the most scenic route and stops along the way!

Each duck has a name and mine is called Ivan (Natalie’s is called Eliza) my duck’s starting point is the picturesque village of Great Ayton in North Yorkshire and I hope that no matter how far my little Ivan goes or how many places he goes that he educates at least one person about stoma’s and that by October when the “awareness race” finishes he is in good enough nick that someone can enjoy him!

The information sheet given with the duck to let us know what to do with the duck says:

We’re on a mission to raise awareness for people around the world living with a stoma! Although there is increasing news coverage and more ostomates speaking out, we believe more can be done to educate the wider public.

Your duck needs you!

  1. you will be given a duck
  2. find your ducks name (look underneath)
  3. take your duck with you and leave it somewhere nice where it can be found easily
  4. take a photo of your duck where you left it
  5. send your photo, the name of your duck and where you left it to
  6. track your ducks journey on Facebook and look out for updates from us!

Thank you Eakin for this wonderful little idea.

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