Exercise Me Up

So I’ve been itching to do some exercise for ages! And as I was tidying up I found my yoga matt, a support waistband, my dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance band and my work out gloves (those were bought for the bars at total warrior then left them at home)

I decided to put the waistband on and find a beginners video on pilates via YouTube and just do what I could. It was a bit too tight so I recommend one made for people with stomas, but I guess the fact that I am still slightly tender won’t help.


Ra-Ra decided she wanted to join in but I soon remembered why I didn’t do yoga during the day!! She enjoys using me as a climbing frame. But I found it to be absolutely fine for my stoma and even how short a time it has been since my surgery. As long as you take it slow and listen to your body doing pilates or yoga with an ostomy especially post op it would be fine. However if you are unsure you should always get in touch with your stoma care nurse.


I’ve found a class in the gym near me that does pilates on a Wednesday evening so I’m going to hopefully sign up for that in 2 weeks when I’ve had my 6 weeks initial recovery it also means I will have seen my stoma nurse as well.


I couldn’t get my form right with such a little tinker getting as close to me as possible ha ha! But it was enjoyable and meant we were doing something together that she could have a laugh with too, plus there is no reason to not get her engaged in some form of exercise even if it is just a game to her right now.

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