Just Keep Swimming 

We had our eldest nephew round this weekend so my sister and her husband could  go to a party for her birthday and enjoy it child free for a change. We went swimming today and I figured why not document it since its my first time swimming since having a stoma.

I already had this swimsuit before I even thought about surgery. I think I got it from amazon although the top is just from Tescos. I didn’t have any issues in the pool, no leaks, no funny looks, not that  I thought I would but it is always a worry.

It wasn’t even that overly noticeable after being in the pool for an hour. I decided to leave the pool before the session finished so I could get to the showers first and change my bag so when the others got out the pool I was on hand to get them dressed.

Knowing my stoma was quiet I just took off my bag and just showered as normal  (thankfully it stayed completely inactive) then I just popped a new one on like normal. I have to say I’m glad I packed my little belt because I was worried it wouldn’t stick on properly.

Also the little strap on my blue bag was amazing to just pop on the hook in the shower. Because it has two zips it held my shower things and the bits I need for my stoma inside without having to keep digging through the inside pockets.

So I’m happy that I braved it because I started to panic before we left and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go. But that’s what happens isn’t it you face your fears and you learn from it. I learnt that I usually have very little to worry about if I put some forethought into things.

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