Have I Caught the Running Bug Again?

Since 2014 when I first started running and telling the app to F$%* off I never thought I would find something I loved so much! I then got acutely sick which put my running on the back burner till after my surgery when I did a few runs until I found out I was pregnant! But I have decided to start again because it really helped my mental health last time and with my current issues (see Time to Talk Tuesdays series) I am hoping it does the same again. On the days I haven’t been well enough to go for a run I have gone out for a 30 minute walk instead to at least try to keep my fitness up.

I have been trying to go out regularly but one thing leads to another at the moment, between my joints stiffening up/ increasing pelvic pain, the weather being too cold/icy or my friend being unable to join me which in turn allows my lazy streak to take over.

I have found it easier when I have been out running this time round at least which is a good thing, it means my body is allowing the muscle memory I had previously to return. So my own little goal is to be running more than the 5K by the end of the C25K. I have surprised myself with enjoying running with someone else not just going it alone and listening to music. Maybe this is because I know I can run with or without my friend (when I’m not being lazy of course!)

I am really happy that Comfizz have created a support t-shirt that I can wear to help support my stoma, yes I have the vests, briefs and boxers but with the exception of the vest; my leggings and the underwear can be uncomfortable on my stoma. But the t-shirt is perfect as I can have my bag over my leggings then the t-shirt over the top of that and they allow me to run comfortably.

The first time I started running was at the back end of September so by this time then I didn’t care about the weather as I was already running and needed that buzz, plus I ran on a morning (sometimes doing 10K after a 12hr night shift). Whereas now it’s just cold, miserable, I can only run on a night and I’m struggling to find my mojo. I am determined to keep at it though because it may take me longer to get going than last time, I always feel so amazing after a run I just need to remind myself that its time well spent and worth being cold for 5 mins!

Do you run or have a sport that you do, or want to start? What kinds of things do you motivate yourself?

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