My Autumn Clothing Must Haves

I just adore chunky knits and corduroy and the best time of year to buy all those types of clothes is autumn! The shops are literally teaming with them, I mean I get excited about getting a new coat or boots all of which 00Steve thinks I don’t need more of which is just ridiculous! Of course I do!

So when it hits the end of September and the beginning of October I literally can’t wait to go shopping and that says something because I literally despise going shopping, in that respect I am NOT a girly girl at all! But I went to the shopping centre on payday weekend without the kids and just poured over all the new season clothes. I was so pleased about all the oranges, yellows, greens and reds that were everywhere and I got so happy. Especially when I saw them in skirts as well as the coats and knits. My autumn clothes must haves are:

  • a new coat as you don’t want anything too heavy or warm for the days that it is still clinging onto the warmer weather
  • Chelsea boots! I adore Chelsea boots
  • chunky knits in dresses, jumpers and cardigans – you officially can’t have too many
  • high waisted jeans
  • high waisted leggings – I LIVE in leggings most of the year as they are so comfortable on my stoma
  • mini skirts teamed with chunky knit tights in ALL the colours is also pretty perfect for a stoma

So the items I have bought recently are a camel coloured 80’s style coat, chunky cardigan, chunky red knit dress, 3x leggings, chunky tights, purple tartan skirt, a mauve long sleeve t-shirt, PJ’s (because everyone loves a snuggly set of PJ’s), yellow corduroy skirt and of course some Chelsea boots. The cardigan was an absolute necessity as 17 year old me saw it and literally screamed saying “Buy it! You NEED that in your life!” and of course I was like “Yes 17 year old me I DO need that in my life!” so I bought it and it was the best decision I made!

When it comes to this amazing season you just want to feel cosy and that’s where chunky knits come in but stylish at the same time which is why I always buy some new boots and a coat because they can transform any outfit that you put on! Leggings go with absolutely anything and are perfect for ostomates as so many come higher up the torso now and don’t cost a fortune. What are the things you can’t live without when the weather is turning cooler but still doesn’t know what it is playing at all the time?

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2 thoughts on “My Autumn Clothing Must Haves

  1. Love this, I just wanted to remind people that charity shops have some fab clothes for Autumn and winter, i volunteer in one and the donations we receive are amazing and a lot less than paying for new. 😀

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