Clothes I wear with my Ostomy

Before having my ileostomy my main concern was about what clothes could I wear! Vain I know and hilarious when I wouldn’t even deem myself trendy or fashionable; I am very much of the train of thought that if I like it I wear it. I just thought it has been awhile since I have shared photos of my outfits so why not just do another one?

I am currently struggling with depression and self loathing when it comes to body image so I haven’t specifically made a special effort in these photos nor have I tried to fake a smile so if that horrifies you I apologise!! Well sort of but not really!

As you can see quite quickly I prefer wearing skirts/dresses and leggings, not to mention my comfort blanket aka the cardigan. I tend to find things that loosely cover my ostomy bag to be more comfortable than tighter clothing. I prefer leggings over jeans because they come up over my stoma, whereas jeans unless high waist versions sit just under my stoma and I don’t like having it tucked in jeans as it puffs up at the top and I also can’t stand it flapping about either!

I love patterned clothes as they break up the focus from your bag if you can sort of see the outline. Although I am more than happy to wear fitted items of clothing on a day to day basis I prefer to have things on that are a bit more flowy which is more down to laziness when I can’t be bothered to do the oh so long trek up the stairs to the bathroom.

Even though I am very proud of my ileostomy and I will happily talk about it, I don’t really want it showing through my clothes. I know it won’t always be hidden but I much prefer the whole ‘bag what bag?’ kinda look.

The last post I wrote on clothes was back in October on my autumn must haves so that goes to show how uninterested in how I dress I am! Does how you dress with your stoma concern you? Is it something you worry about or do you find you just throw things on and hope for the best?

clothes and my ostomy

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