My first Night Out Post Op Was A Hen Party

In less than 4 weeks my brother in law is going to marry the most important woman in his life, the nicest girl in the world. Last night was her Hen Do, for my readers across the pond it’s another word for batchelorette party. I can tell you now I was so nervous about going, being in a proper night out outfit, being around pretty and slim girls made me feel incredibly self conscious even though I knew everyone there. But it was my first night out since having my ileostomy surgery in April.

I was very lucky to have one of my nearest and dearest do my hair, I felt my make up was nice enough to suffice and I’m in love with my dress. I’m wearing my waistband from comfizz and it kept me streamline and kept my confidence up. Plus my legs (even though I think look like twigs) are in all honesty one of my best features – or so people tell me!

We went to Newcastle in a limousine to see the Dreamboys and a Drag Queen. Below are my two sister in laws, my mother in law, the hen’s mother, then hen’s sister in law, the hen’s best friend and another of her best friends. Oh and photo bombing is the hen’s brother and nephew!

I’m not a fan of strippers (seen both genders and neither were my thing to be honest!) and things like that but I did enjoy myself with the girls. I am very much a one penis kinda girl! I don’t need to see other ones to have a good time. I got dragged on stage and in true me style fell UP the stage ha ha but it was still funny and rather than get upset I managed to laugh it off.

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