Show Your Freezer Some Love – Cooking In Bulk

I love cooking and if I’m honest suck at making portion sizes (this is 00Steve’s fault for eating the equivalent of four peoples meals) which is perfect for freezing up leftovers for another time, but so is cooking in bulk.

I do it with not only my meals but with 00Steve’s as this saves us money (not that he thinks it does) for food for his bait. I basically make him a “family” sized spag bol, chilli, tuna pasta, sausage casseroles, or lasagne and then put whats left into tupperware containers and either leave them in the fridge for the next couple of days worth of lunches or pop them in the freezer for another time. I find that my veggie options work well in the freezer too, such as vegan chilli, vegan curry etc. But you can make sauces and soups which can be frozen.

The main reason I cook in bulk is to reduce wastage which then reduces my shopping bill, especially when the only person that eats vegetarian in my house is me so I don’t really want to be chucking loads of veg out that nobody else will eat. Cooking in bulk doesn’t begin and end with actually the cooking process, I find that buying veg like marrow which is seasonal I buy a few when I can then peel, deseed, chop it up and portion it into bags in the freezer so I can have marrow in white sauce whenever I want it! The rind of parmesan can be frozen and then added to stocks or soup in place of salt and adding a savoury depth of flavour.

Having things in the freezer helps me on the days where fatigue has hit and I can’t really be bothered to cook from scratch or if I am in on my own and 00Steve is at work. I think it genuinely is a good habit to get into and really can help if you are on a budget with birthdays, holidays or even the big “C”. It also helps you meal plan and writing food diaries if you need to do that. The things you can freeze are pretty much limitless but if you are unsure on something please check it first because nobody wants to get ill from food.

Do you cook in bulk? Let me know in the comments, also feel free to subscribe to my blog (those that subscribed on the old blog you aren’t classed as subscribing anymore *sad face*)

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