Courgette Chips – Meatless Monday

With day 21 of the ostoMYlove challenge it was cook don’t chuck and it kicked me into gear to make courgette chips which I decided to think ahead a wee bit and use it for a post in my Meatless Monday series. These posts maybe sporadic but as long as I remember to take photos of my food then it should end up more frequent *insert see no evil monkey emoji lol*

ingredients for courgette chips

This recipe is nice, simple, healthy and doesn’t take an awful lot of time either! So we have:

  • plain flour with 1 tsp garlic granules added (you can use gluten free flour or wholemeal if you like)
  • an egg
  • breadcrumbs with parmesan (again use whatever breadcrumbs you fancy)
  • half a courgette sliced not too thick – skin chopped off to reduce the risks of blockages

Its a simple case of popping your sliced courgette into the garlic flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs. A tip that I heard from Guy Fierri when I was binge watching his programs was use one hand then you always have a clean hand! You can flavour your flour however you wish too, paprika is nice instead of the garlic, even herb would work. Then place them onto a baking tray (I forgot to take a photo before it was in the oven so the heat blurred this haha)

cooking the chips

They cook at around 180C and I like to cook them for 5 minutes one side and then turn them over for another 5 minutes. This ensures they are golden and crispy which is perfect for dipping! Now I love spicy food and I can take quite a lot so I make my own dipping sauce. You totally don’t need to make it hot if that’s not your thing. But to make your sauce it’s just a case of decanting varying pre-made sauces into a pot and mixing! Mine is either hot sauce and tomato sauce or like today a tomato and red pepper relish.

hot sauce get your hot sauce

Now you are just ready for the courgette chips to finish cooking and plating them up! This is a recipe I’m told a lot of people use within weight watchers etc to be fair I was introduced to it by Fit Girls Guide. It is a quick way to get protein, carbohydrate and a vegetable into a meal or snack.

courgette chips

If you try it please let me know especially if you put your own stamp on it as I am always open to trying new versions of recipes!

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