Halloumi Wraps – Meatless Monday

I have been absolutely loving halloumi right now! So I thought I would share with you how I have been eating it recently as it really is so versatile. Trust me that this probably won’t be the only recipe where this cheese is featured!

These wraps can have chicken added or another protein if you fancy meat with it but I think they are perfectly fine the way they are! Hence them making it into the Meatless Monday series.

So what do I include in my wraps?

  • tortilla of your choice (I use the mini ones and have 2)
  • half a red bell pepper
  • handful of rocket per wrap
  • roasted red pepper and tomato relish (although any relish you like should work here)
  • halloumi (the chilli one works well or I coat the halloumi in chilli flakes)

Once you have the halloumi and pepper sliced you want to sautee the pepper off in a little oil, till soft. Whilst this is softening spread the relish over the tortilla wraps.

Once softened place the peppers on top of the relish, then pop your rocket on top. If you are wanting the chilli on the cheese but you only have the plain cheese this is where you sprinkle the chilli flakes on both sides before putting them into the pan you used for the peppers. for about 2 minutes each side let the cheese brown and melt slightly. Well that’s the wrong word since it doesn’t fully melt.

Once they have turned golden arrange them on top of your wraps and then roll up and devour! You could probably switch up the salad leaves to anything you fancy, or even add other vegetables along with the peppers. It really is endless the possibilities you can come up with. I just love for how simple this is it truly is delicious.

2 thoughts on “Halloumi Wraps – Meatless Monday

  1. First time i heard about halloumi was this post. yesterday i saw it in my local store. i bought it and its GREAT. Thank you. 🙂

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