Meatless Monday – Sweet Potato Tacos

So I really enjoy eating vegetarian food as you may all remember from my vegan curry that I really enjoy eating meat free meals or just meals where the meat is an accompaniment rather than the main event. But not just that I would love people with stoma’s to be able to enjoy vegetables and not constantly worry about blockages. Too many people get told they will be on a low residue diet for ever rather than the six weeks for your bowel to settle and had chance to heal. There is also no universal no-no food I see that in groups all the time that people think that if one ostomate can’t have say mushrooms the rest can’t, unfortunately it is *shudder* trial and error.  So here is another meatless recipe for you to hopefully enjoy.

So this week I will be sharing with you all my version of the Fit Girls Guide (find them on instagram) Sweet Potato Street Tacos. This is how I eat them please feel free to adapt as necessary by if needed adding chicken, pulled pork etc but maybe just swap out a vegetable for another vegetable!!

sweet potato tacos

So for the ingredients we have:

  • brussels sprouts x 3
  • mushrooms x 2
  • baby sweetcorn x 2
  • shallots x 2
  • sweet potato I used half
  • orange bell pepper I used a quarter
  • mozzarella
  • fiery hot salsa
  • plain tortillas
  • cayenne pepper
  • cumin seeds
  • smoked paprika
  • garlic powder
  • chilli powder hot
  • coconut oil


You simply chop your vegetables in the way that suits you best. I personally chop up the shallots, mushrooms and brussels sprouts the smallest ( I often use the shredder attachment for shallots and sprouts on my food processor) As long as I chew the baby sweetcorn and the bell peppers I am pretty good for their size. Then pop your sweet potato into a microwave safe container with some water and cayenne or the powdered spice of your choice and pop in the microwave for 2 minutes ready to soften but don’t turn on just yet. If you have a lovely little helper like me they could be putting the rest of the veggies into your frying pan. I then add some coconut oil and the rest of my spices. Place your pan on to the hob to sauteé and give it a couple of minutes to cook through before turning on the microwave. You do not want your veggies to be raw as the softer they are the easier they are to digest which helps reduce the chance of blockages along with duh duh duh chewing. Once the microwave is finished add the sweet potato and the remaining water into the pan and mix everything together then remove from the pan when you are happy with the softness of the other veggies.


My pan for some reason likes to go black when I cook veggies so please ignore that! Now for the final stretch! I tend to put a smidgen more coconut oil into the pan then once its melted take the pan from the heat and place the tortilla into the pan. Then shred your mozzarella on top of one half of the tortilla and put back on the heat  (I love cheese so I will not dictate how much you should or shouldn’t have!!) So once you have put the right amount of cheese on for your tastes pop the sauteed veggies on top of the cheese then drip your salsa over the top again to whatever you desire. Fold the tortilla back over and give the bottom a minute before flipping it over and letting it crisp up on the other side.

my lovely assistant

There you have it! It is pretty easy to do and they taste amazing, play around with spices/herbs/vegetables and you will find something so simple can be a taste sensation or at least I bloody love these! Don’t forget you don’t HAVE to go meatless but it could be a nice change for you.

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