Mindful (Chef) Meatless Mondays

Firstly I would like to apologise for this Meatless Monday post being on a Tuesday but I have been really poorly and struggling so I have tried to put myself first (and failed)! But at last here is my post about the food subscription box company Mindful Chef.

I did an “unboxing” video for this box which you can watch here. I have never received a food subscription box before and I was definitely impressed with the ingredients being perfectly portioned.

I received two different meals – Creamy Coconut Chickpea Korma and Brazilian Black Bean Stew with Brown Rice:

  • The korma came with black rice which was a first for me and it was odd having carrot as the only vegetable but it was really tasty. Mind you the rice did give me a bit of a shock turning the water black!






  • The stew had a really nice flavour and the beans were really soft which was eliminated the worry for me. It was just lightly spiced which made it taste rich but not scary rich for us with intestinal issues.
  • There was a carton of cactus water in the box as well which none of us were particularly keen on because it tasted thin; when I say that I guess to others it might mean that it wasn’t flavoured enough with fruit. But I can say it is similar to the coconut water you can buy but obviously not coconut flavoured!

In with the bags of food came recipe cards which told you of any allergens, calories and time to cook, oh and obviously full instructions on how to make the meal itself. I decided to not read the instructions before hand but just to read it as I went which left me feeling rushed. The method was simple and easy to follow which is always useful.

I think for convenience these boxes are great as you know everything you need will be in there to make a healthy meal for you and your family. They even had a good date on so I didn’t have to worry about cooking it straight away (even though that is exactly what I did!) If you would like to take a look at the Mindful Chef website then look no further than this link!

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