Stuffed Courgettes – Meatless Monday

It has been a little while since I have done a Meatless Monday and the reason still hasn’t changed…I eat pretty much the same thing over and over again! What hasn’t changed is my love of courgettes and I am trying to eat them in different ways rather than falling back on my trusted courgettini and spaghetti mix. Which leads me to stuffed courgette!

You will need:
1 courgette
1/4 cup quinoa (I use a quinoa, red quinoa and bulgar wheat mix)
1/2 veg stock cube
1 garlic clove – cut in half
halloumi or mozzarella (the choice is simple if you want melty cheese go for the mozzarella!)

Firstly you want to put in a small saucepan the garlic, quinoa and stock cube and top it up with 1 cup of water – cold is best but if you are in a rush you could use boiling. Preheat the oven to 180c.

Next cut your courgette in half length-ways and scoop the fleshy seeded part out leaving a ‘shell’.

Once the water has been absorbed by the quinoa carefully fish out the garlic and discard, then spoon the courgette mix into the recess in the courgette.

Now either tear the mozzarella into chunky strips or cut the halloumi into slices. If using mozzarella place the courgette into the oven for 10 minutes then lay the cheese on top before returning until it has reached optimal melty goodness. With the halloumi place the slices on top of the courgette then place it into the oven for 15 minutes.

halloumi stuffed courgettesIf you aren’t a fan of quinoa you could have the courgette stuffed with cous cous, rice or even Quorn mince in it’s place. Don’t be scared about adding herbs and spices to whatever you choose to fill it with – I personally like cumin and paprika but you may like cajun spices! Can I just point out that halloumi doesn’t melt very well so this photo doesn’t look overly appetising but trust me it is delicious – also I have found the halloumi with chilli (in the picture) melts even less than the plain one!

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