Stuffed Peppers – Meatless Mondays

Yeah here is yet again another halloumi recipe but this one is slightly different but just as delicious. I have always enjoyed stuffed peppers but only vegetarian versions (meat just isn’t needed in them in my humble opinion)

So a little more effort is required than the last halloumi recipe but it is so worth it I promise. You will need:

  • cous cous
  • veg stock cube
  • chilli powder
  • smoked paprika
  • garlic powder
  • leek 2″
  • courgette 2″
  • carrot 2″
  • mushroom
  • chilli
  • bell pepper (I have used red, orange and yellow and found they work well, the green not so much)

First you want to boil the kettle; whilst that is boiling chop up your veggies fairly small, although your pepper wants to be cut in half lengthways. In a bowl add a small amount maybe 1/4 cup of cous cous and the spices and stock cube then pour over the water to about an inch above. Then place a small plate over the top so they can absorb the liquid and “cook” or steam maybe! For about 10 minutes, whilst they are doing their thing pop the pepper under the grill to char slightly.

Sautee the chopped veggies in a little oil till softened; once you are happy with the softness of your veggies add it to the cous cous mixing it well. Now carefully spoon the cous cous mixture into the peppers and top it with sliced halloumi and place back under the grill to brown the cheese.

You can swap out the veggies for others if you need to or even spices to suit your own tastes. But I hope if you try this recipe you enjoy it as much as I do, oh and at least this halloumi recipe is different to the last one! I would love to know if you try it what you think of it!

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