It’s Thyme For A Meatless Monday

Hello and welcome to another “Meatless Monday” post but this time there is a twist to it hence the name, read on to find out why. 

I wanted to do something a bit different and with the chance of it being sweet as I don’t often make sweet things I just stuff my face with chocolate! So “It’s Thyme” sell some pretty fantastic flavours in their smoothies and they are a simple, straightforward way to your 5 a day (most are 1.5 of your 5 a day which is pretty damn good), especially for us ostomates as a lot of us worry (yes me included) about eating our fruit and veggies. “But you eat a predominantly vegetarian diet how do you struggle?” I hear you ask! Well fruits have always given me jip, they really affected my Ulcerative Colitis and annoyingly still do with risks of blockages and it affects my output. I have been looking at ways to increase my fruit intake to give me some variety in my diet and It’s Thyme responded to my email or answered my prayers whichever way you want to look at it!

What and who are It’s Thyme? Well, they are a family based company who understand life can get busy and good healthy food isn’t always achievable and as a young mum of two; I know sometimes there isn’t enough hours in the day to make sure everyone is eating healthily. But they do everything to ensure that their products (which isn’t just smoothies) are picked fresh, made fresh then frozen to keep that freshness in they worked so hard to keep locked in.

it's thyme smoothies

I recently got to try the smoothies which made Ra-Ra happy as she is a fruit fiend like 00Steve (when he remembers he has some in – even though they are in plain sight!) On first sight I had already fallen in love with the little quirks on and in the box. The little notes on the box were cute and amusing like “don’t send me back to the depot…it’s scary there”, then when I opened the box I thought I was greeted with straw but on closer inspection it was actually wool! If you have ever gone on those free excursions when you are on holiday (yeah the ones with the talks) you may have heard of how good sheep wool is at regulating temperature. I also liked the fact it reminds people to reuse the wool and use the hashtag #letsboxclever to give others inspiration on how to reuse, 00Steve also likes this and promptly put it in his workshop for a future project.wool coolThe flavour range I got was pretty good too since some of them were unfortunately out of stock due to high demand but I received – absofruitleyall hail kaleprotein punchshare your passionbanana armourenergy currantcococabanashake your beautythe green defender and lean green. Now I’m not a banana or a pineapple fan (why did I bother I hear you ask!) and I was petrified of trying the ones with kiwi in as the last time I ate a kiwi my lips and tongue decided to swell up due to an allergic reaction. But in the name of being honest I decided to try them all anyway! I’m pleased to announce that I can have flavours I’m not normally keen on when mixed with other flavours and kiwi only made the back of my tongue tingle sooo I guess in small doses I can have it. Don’t get me wrong the first smoothie that had it in I made sure 00Steve was at home so if I needed medical help I could get it!

thyme smoothie portionEach flavour was portioned out perfectly for one person and didn’t require much effort at all to make the smoothie; if Ra-Ra wasn’t scared of the magic bullets noise/ it has blades (that is the most important bit to me but not to her obviously) she could do it. You just add your choice of liquid and the frozen fruit/veg to your blender for a minute and voila! Smoothie time! You can add squirty cream/ mini donuts/ mini cakes/ sprinkles or whatever to create a freak shake. Seriously google freak shake it’s worth it! Until you go adding extras the mix is purely fruit and veg which I’m pretty sure means they are vegan. However I fully believe you could make these adult only by adding in a splash of alcohol and make a healthy version of a mojito or the like.

tiki tiki thymeI have always been a bit iffy with kale, in being iffy I would always substitute it in my savoury dishes for something else but I have to say all hail kale with apple juice as the first flavour I tried was fantastic I whizzed it up whilst making Button’s bottle and had it for breakfast. I really enjoyed the ease of making it with the hardest parts literally being I need to defrost my freezer as the drawers are a pain in my non existent bum oh and the child lock I have on my lower cupboards where all my pyrex etc are! I just measure out my juice (so far I have tried them with apple and orange juice but you could use any fruit juice or coconut water to make them) tip in the mix and whilst I am mixing up Button’s bottle I turn on my bullet. In fact it probably takes less…thyme to make the smoothie than his bottle!

minion thyme

Ra-Ra has tasted every single flavour and as she really likes strawberries and bananas (dnanas apparently she refuses to believe its a ‘b’) she prefers ones with them in. 00Steve is obsessed with passion-fruit so other than trying some of the excess I gave Ra-Ra we weren’t allowed the share your passion flavour as he had put dibs on it.

I would definitely recommend these to those who are worried about how unhealthy or limited their diet is whether they have an ostomy or not as they are quick, tasty and nutritious. With them being blended you don’t have the same fear of blockages which if you haven’t had one by jingo they knack! But as a new mum or a mum of more than one child they are great for toddlers and up, let alone when you are freaking out because time is slipping away from you (because even though it isn’t it bloody feels like it is!) When I go back to work from my maternity I will definitely be looking into getting them regularly as they would be perfect for Ra-Ra as her “treat” she is obsessed with things being treats at the moment, but also the days where 00Steve got up early he could use the travel cup that came with my magic bullet and have one as he is travelling to work. But mostly because I was really happy with them and felt healthier after just a week of having them, I was obviously filling a void somewhere in my nutrition.

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  1. I’m going to have to get a new blender I think! These look good and although I don’t have issues usually with fruit and veg with my stoma, I’m sure I could eat a bit more… #SundayShareUp

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