Why Meatless? – Meatless Mondays

So firstly I apologise for being quiet on the veggie recipe front but I haven’t really been eating anything different that I haven’t already posted about. So I thought I would talk a bit about why I eat meatless 98% of the time and why I don’t do it 100% of the time.

First of all I don’t judge or have any real thoughts on whether people are carnivore, vegetarian, pescitarian or vegan; the only time it annoys me is when those people start getting all high and mighty like “You’re killing the animals” or “Where do you get you’re protein?” First of all NO I am not killing the animals because whether everyone I know turned veggie or vegan it won’t stop animals being killed. Secondly people actually eat more protein than recommended in a day (I learnt that doing a sports nutrition course) you get protein from animal products like dairy or eggs, but you can get a good amount of protein in god damn peas yes peas!

I first wanted to go meatless when I was a teenager, now if I bought and cooked my own food I don’t think my dad would have had so much of an issue, but now I’m a *ahem* responsible adult I can understand why he didn’t allow it, it wasn’t due to him thinking it was stupid but to do with that as a family of 5 with one person (me) who already had a lot of food issues due Ulcerative Colitis and we had no idea what was triggering it! NB: we do now – red meat, onion, rice (before my first surgery) spring onion, dairy (except yogurt and cheese) Back then it was all to do with saving the animals, I used to write to MPs to ban animal testing and all sorts, which then went into writing to them about health and social care issues (who knew I was an advocate when I though I was “fighting the man” and being an activist) I when eating out am terrified of getting food poisoning from meat so unless it is somewhere I trust or have been before I will usually go for the veggie option.

With both my pregnancies, well including the miscarriage the smell of mince cooking would turn my stomach something chronic, I remember 00Steve cooking me tea before I got home from work one night when I was pregnant with Ra-Ra and the second I walked into the flat I had to be sick and I used to love his sausage pasta bakes. I craved vegetables and salad in my pregnancies (with the exception of a fortnight where I wanted salt and pepper ribs from the Chinese – in fact my mam whilst pregnant with me craved ribs from the same Chinese restaurant) After Button was born I haven’t really eaten much meat since. It wasn’t a conscious effort it just happened, but I do prefer eating veggies always have and always will ( I hope)

Why won’t I do it full time I hear you ask? Well in all honesty I really like pork, I can give or take bacon I would rather have turkey bacon (I hear you gasp in shock) I love ham, sausages and pork chops. I also have a very rational or in my mind rational reason for not going completely meatless and that is why should other cook something different just for me? I don’t mind cooking for myself at others homes but I don’t think that they should. Unless it is something that triggers me – now this is weird but I don’t have active disease left but certain foods still make my tummy hurt, or is going to cause a blockage I will just eat what I am given.

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