Ostomy Bag Roulette – Ordering Stoma Bags

So as Louise mentioned in the link we are doing a sort of trial and review on the stoma bags we use and send them to each other to see how we each get on with them, which we will cover on The IBD and Ostomy Support Show. Now *disclaimer* we each have had our stoma’s long enough to know what is normal for our peristomal skin and what isn’t. We are going to be honest with our reviews of each bag and maybe even find one that works better than our current bag. As Rachel’s ileostomy Bob has prolapsed we have decided it is safer for her not to take part and she will trial urostomy products instead. So cue what to us is essentially ostomy bag roulette!

I am going to sample two different Coloplast 2 piece bags which is kinda scary as I have only ever used a 1 piece in the 14 months of having my stoma. I am currently using a convex SenSura Mio so I decided to stick with what I know, especially since I will be trying Louise’s and Natalie’s bags and they are in the realm of the unknown to me with how my body will cope.

coloplast homepagecoloplast drop down box









So here is how I went about ordering my new bag samples via the Coloplast website which I was easily able to do via my mobile. There is a drop down box in the top right of the screen and in there you can find the category “stoma” then from there you can find the page for samples as they flit underneath. They have a product filter which helps narrow it down.

coloplast samplecoloplast product filter








So like I said I have opted to try the 2 piece bag so I clicked ileostomy, both 2 piece boxes and SenSura Mio convex (which my screen shot just chopped off!) and it gave me two options:

SenSura Mio Coloplast Bag

I received an email almost instantly saying that I my order had been received and I may receive a call from their customer services. This could be to check I am actually prescribed convex, as your stoma nurse has to prescribe convex bags. This is because a convex bag is used to push the stoma out from the skin if your stoma is retracted or flush to the skin. If you don’t need it there could be a small risk that would cause damage to the stoma.

Positives from ordering online

  • Easy to navigate
  • Descriptions for each bag
  • Pictures of each product
  • You can select specifics to you, so you can find the products right for you

Negatives from ordering online

  • I may just be stupid but I got confused as to whether you had to order the bag separate to the baseplate
  • I wasn’t overly keen on the moving bar at the bottom of the page

But overall I found ordering online pretty easy, I have only ever done it at stoma open days where you have someone to talk too and can explain things to you. If I want to order samples again I won’t hesitate to do it in the future. Rachel wrote a post on her experiences ordering samples for her urostomy bag roulette.

Stayed tuned for my review on the bags later this month and don’t forget to tune into The IBD and Ostomy Support Show where our topics are everything ostomy related! Every Thursday 8pm GMT. We will be using the hashtags #ostomybagroulette and #everythingstoma

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  2. I appreciate what you said about how buying ostomy products online are nice because you can see pictures of all of them I didn’t know that a pouch can be just two or one pieces and are so simple to use. If someone was needing to buy ostomy products, I would assume that they would keep these suggestions in mind.

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