Tour De Yorkshire More Like Tour De Hospital

So a few things have happened this weekend that have prevented me from posting. Mainly which have been energy levels. Saturday I just really didn’t want to change my bag, I just couldn’t be bothered really. I had no get up and go, I wonder how many other people get like this? It is usually over and done with quite quickly so I shouldn’t really have an issue. But I didn’t want to go up the stairs, I just wanted to stay curled up in my armchair and not move at all. I find this sometimes with regards to even emptying it sometimes. I usually empty it about when it’s 1/4 way full when it’s not playing well with me and decides to be overly watery. But when it’s being too thick I just leave it as long as I can because it doesn’t fill up as fast. But yesterday the Tour De Yorkshire came through our village and I had promised Ra-Ra that 00Steve and I would take her to see the bikes.

I haven’t been doing my walks like I had planned once I got out either due to no energy, being in pain or the weather. She has been getting excited about all the bikes that have popped up around our village. All different shapes/sizes and themes, it has been nice to see just how many people/businesses joined in with their own themed bikes.

I woke up feeling wet, my first thought was I’ve leaked. But as I checked round the seal with my fingers everything seemed to be in tact. But I noticed my knickers were wet and the inco sheet was damp. When I looked it was covered in dark brown/red patches, my next thought was to get a mirror. I found it was coming from my back passage which had been sewn up so I was quite concerned. Don’t get me wrong a small amount of oozing or whatever I completely expected and knew to be normal but not this. I got showered and rang the surgical ward I had been on. I explained the situation, they asked me to go to the Clinical Decisions Unit to be checked over by my team.

watching the bikes

We walked in the mizzly rain down to low green to watch the bikes go past, we were hoping there were some rides for her to go on and thankfully there was a chair/swing roundabout ride. We had her watch it for a bit before putting he on making sure she knew once it started she couldn’t just get off. She thoroughly enjoyed herself; waving and smiling at us, she even spent a bit of time swinging her little legs. It was adorable yes I’m biased but I don’t care. She did some painting too before we stood and watched the bikes. On our way home I really started to struggle with the pain and the feeling of the blood coming away. So we headed down to the hospital.


My dad came and sat with the three of us on between call outs whilst I waited for the registrar to be free. The sister on the ward was lovely Ra-Ra got a biscuit from her, everyone spoils her -especially nannie and grandad! Annoyingly there didn’t seem to be much there when I was examined so I was allowed home.

We went to the shops I ended up being in a wheelchair and have myself an arm workout by wheeling myself and the clip on trolley around the shop. I was thoroughly knackered by it. We had late lunch/early tea at McDonalds I was rather happy to be able to get the new special burger as it didn’t have seeds on the bun and you can easily ask for no salad. I was gutted as I do enjoy fried onions and that was part of the salad. I managed half of my burger, half of my fries, an entire cheesy bites portion (mmmm cheese) and half of my frappe. So that was the most I have eaten post surgery.

I was pretty gutted that when I went to the toilet I had to mop my blood off the floor both at the restaurant and at home. It was awful knowing that my body had started up again. I text my dad complaining and he ended up speaking to the sister of the CDU for something unrelated and brought it up. I hadn’t wanted to get in touch because I hate feeling like a pest. I missed her call (stupid signal) but got in touch with her an hour later and it was decided I should go back in. I’ve been admitted to the surgical ward over night with the looks of being in again tonight too. They are giving me fluids, antibiotics for a slight marker increase and are thinking of redoing the stitches. The registrar agreed that there was definitely more blood this time than when he saw me at lunchtime. They aren’t overly worried so I’m not either. Just annoyed that my recovery isn’t being as smooth as I hoped. I was at least allowed to pop and see my mam last night and this morning whilst she was on shift. Which always helps make me feel better.

I just keep in my mind the immortal words of Yazz – The only way is UP!

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