I fought very hard to get to see a dietitian because I knew I really needed some help with my base diet so I can try and get healthier. So I went to see the dietitian yesterday and she was saying she is quite happy with my food variation but I can obviously do things to make it better and more well rounded, which will ultimately benefit me.

However I do need to look to increase my calcium – so things like a matchbox sized piece of cheese and fortified non dairy milk since I very rarely drink dairy unless in coffee. Drink more fluids and to maybe look at another source to replace red meat since I very rarely eat it, so I guess that is a google job, unfortunately I am fairly picky when it comes to food at the best of times.

With regards to the fluids I have to have a litre of an isotonic style drink and a litre of whatever else I would normally drink that is for starters just to keep the dehydration at bay. Plain water is not recommended as it flushes out electrolytes quicker than “normal” people and leads to dehydration. Not obviously all in one go but spaced out through the day. I’m guessing alcohol doesn’t count towards the tally!!

I will have a follow up in a few months – possibly with a different dietitian as the one I met with was changing jobs, to keep an eye on my diet with regards to the mini blockages I keep getting but they don’t last long but they are incredibly annoying! I haven’t worked out what foods it is that is causing them, however drinking more will surely help with. I just hope I can keep going on in the right direction as I would love to feel healthier rather than just not in pain.

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