Fybro Feck Off

So when I was about 14 I saw some specialist who said I may have fybromylagia. It was described as arthritis of the muscles. The NHS defines it as this. It’s linked to bowel issues, so if you have joint pain it could well be this. 

When I was younger it came on really quickly before to the point I couldn’t move, my whole body ached it was bloody painful and I felt heavy like my body was a dead weight. I remember my dad having to carry me to the toilet or upstairs because I found it so hard to walk.

I usually do the elderly stereotype of my joints hurt because of the cold or damp weather which in the UK we have had a lot of. But the NHS lists possible triggers and having an operation is one of them. Maybe my body is just more exhausted than I first thought, but joint pain could be a host of things and unfortunately sometimes just a manifestation of autoimmune disease.

Hell I started getting adhesion pain again which at least this time just feels a little more uncomfortable than a stitch. But I’m not happy about it, sure Mr C said he couldn’t promise me being 100% pain free and that’s fine just as long as it doesn’t get worse.

But the fybromylagia pain is ridiculous, the tops of my feet hurt, the outside  (near my little finger) of my wrists hurt, the insides of my wrists hurt, my fingers, my knees and my back. Everything stiffens up then feels like it’s been smacked with a mallet, they have all swollen up too.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking my cod liver oil capsules again, book in with a doctor tomorrow and seriously start getting back into exercise. It’s been nearly 12 weeks so there shouldn’t be much reason to why not. I’ve just been paranoid about getting a hernia.

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