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Today I had an appointment with General Surgery (General Surgery *salute* to all you HIMYM fans out there) I thought I would be seeing my surgeon but nope I saw the Stoma nurse which was fine because that’s who I wanted to see anyway! I needed some more barrier rings and my peristomal skin is quite sore again. *Naked Stoma* straight off the bat in the post!

Bad angle, sat down well slumped more like. But it doesn’t want to play fair. I may need a bag with more convexity to keep the poo from killing my skin. My stoma has decided to go oval! It really doesn’t like being overly helpful the sod. I thought I had more granulomas but apparently it has something to do with the remnants of my tattoo. I don’t understand why in the slightest but who am I to dispute the specialist!

I have to admit I was crushed by a small innocent comment, now I have said time and time again how lovely my nurses both are. She had asked if I had put on some weight because my stomach wasn’t as slim as it was last time. Now I have only put on 4lb in 7 weeks (I haven’t checked the last week and a half so I am now pretty scared to check) Not even kidding I text 00Steve saying that was it I was going on a diet, portion controlling to the max, calorie counting because I was clearly huge.

Only last night I was complaining about being fat (eating disorders never truly go away its how well you take back control) and yes I know I ate an obscene amount of biscuits over the last few days but I will worry about them later! I have limited what I have eaten today but I have tried to eat healthier instead of being obsessed with how I look (that wont last long but hey I can hope)

But anyway back to my appointment minus my horrible thoughts about myself. I will be picking up a box of Coloplast SenSura Mio tomorrow and I will be sure to let you know how they go! Also fingers crossed for me that I make it to pilates tomorrow night!!

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