I Woke Up Gutted – Bag Leak

Haha sorry for the extremely bad pun in the title, but today my stoma had a leak. I had emptied it around 3am it had the proper consistency (but at what cost I find myself asking because I am truly not well) and woke up at 7 to something running down my tummy. My first thought was my bear that 00Steve bought me if I’m honest, then I realised the inco sheet had moved and I was leaking out. So I grabbed the sheet and held it against my tummy as I went rather sharpish to the bathroom.

As I removed the bag and started to clean the area I noticed it was really sore and red (that will be why it was itchy yesterday. I put it down to the stitches) It also looks like it’s started to sink down. So a phone call will be made in a couple of hours to the stoma nurse.

I have to admit I’m really pleased with the way I handled everything. Usually I would cry in a situation like that, but I didn’t I just cleaned it up, put some barrier cream on (dried off the excess) popped a new bag on and tidied up. Now don’t me wrong I had to run downstairs with a wipe or two held against my stoma as I rifled through to find my box of freebies IE the cream, I also used a deodoriser too just to see what it’s like. But I didn’t wake 00Steve up or like I say cry.

Some people can pinpoint reasons for the reason behind a leak others can’t.  The bag I was wearing didn’t seem to like filtering out air so I think that and how weird my output has been didn’t help. But it’s something that can happen in the future I’d just like it not too! It was bag change day anyway so I don’t feel so bad, just wish I got my lie in!!

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