Sore Peristomal Skin

So I went to empty my bag and noticed it looked sore around the stoma. I always have a quick look through the flap. This time I noticed a different area had been a bit red and sore. I figured I would just change the bag and have a proper look. *Naked stoma photo*


Well the bottom seems to have healed fairly well but now the top seems to have gotten worse. That to me is a fairly simple issue, just adjust the barrier ring. It’s more the little polyps either side of my stoma that is my issue. Now I will just get in touch with my stoma nurse tomorrow to see what’s what with treatment and if they are granulomas.

Also can I just put it out there how much I love my Riksack! As I went into my room to stand in front of the full length mirror to put the barrier ring on, my stoma decided to poo everywhere! If I didn’t have that blue rubber bucket I would have had to clean crap up from my carpet! But nope all went into the bag and no mess to clean up. Which is just ideal especially when ileostomies have no pattern to when they want to go!


I’m still not completely sure I’m putting these darn barrier rings on properly but today I felt like it went on better than when I changed my bag on Saturday. It didn’t feel like it was going to fall off within seconds and before getting my bag on.


That’s what it looks like once the bag has been put on over the barrier ring. I’ve also just popped a couple of loperamide to stop my output being so watery which might help. Do you have any tips for sore skin?

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