Stoma Nurses Should Be Your Go To For Medical Advice

In this day and age with social media making it so easy to connect with others with the click of a button or our fingertips; it can be disconcerting just how many people who ask for help get met with people offering medical advice, when they aren’t nurses.

Unless you have trained in the medical field you are not qualified to give medical advice but only offer your experiences. I know some bloggers that feel like they are better than the stoma nurses when in fact yes they can be incredibly knowledgeable but are really only experts on themselves.

Like in any profession whether its medical or not you will always find someone that is a bit cold, rude or you just don’t gel with. Not everyone has the option of another stoma care nurse but there are many different ways to engage with stoma nurses now, in fact mine have said they can skype people that live way out in the sticks. Most delivery/appliance companies have stoma nurses you can talk too, in fact Purple Wings Charity also have some stoma nurses you can talk to if you want!

I am very lucky to have two very kind, caring nurses who look after me; they have rearranged surgical appointments when I was admitted to a sister hospital before Button was born and even asked the stoma nurse there to come down to the maternity unit to check my stoma after he was born! The beauty of me having two nurses means that even though their personalities are so different they blend so perfectly, that no matter your mood they are always the right person to keep me positive. I can always be honest and open with them both which means I can get the right help and support when I need it the most. I do worry that I must annoy them from time to time but that’s due to my poor mental health causing paranoia. They are really understanding when Ra-Ra came along to my appointments and her being a bundle of energy, plus Button now having to come as Ra-Ra is at nursery.

I definitely feel like I can ask the silly questions, be frustrated or cry if I need too with both of my SCN and ultimately if you can’t then maybe reach out to others via the channels mentioned above. But it really is important to talk about your issues in groups because an idea maybe really beneficial to you and your situation, but I feel you should bring it up to your nurse and they can help you safely and correctly implement it.

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